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Screwdriving Technology Automation Air Motors Air Tools MINIMAT-EC-Servo Screwdriver Maximum flexibility and processing reliability Angle head design - torque ranges between 7 - 120 N·m  flexible  documentation features  high precision  sensor control The handheld MINIMAT EC servo screwdriver in connection with the sequence controller AST30-31 enables free programming of the screw tightening process and features maximum flexibility and processing reliability. Within the performance range of the screwdriver, torque, speed, stand-by and turn-direction may be individually adapted to fit the required tightening process. The integrated transducer for torque and angle permits the exact control and supervision of the tightening process, as well as the documentation of important processing parameters. Thus, the highest possible precision during the tightening process is guaranteed. The EC servo screwdriver is used in applications with high safety requirements in which a direct measurement system is required. Handheld Screwdriver electric The EC-motor is the reason for the maintenance-free operation, eliminating wear-and-tear parts. It also achieves a high motor dynamics and is capable of reaching the necessary high peaktorque required for fastener tightening. The DEPRAG screwdrivers based on EC-technology enable a torque accuracy of < 1% standard deviation, which can be relied upon after millions of cycles. Thus, a Cmk value of ≥1.67 with ±5% tolerance in reference to 6 Sigma is reached. A Cmk value of 1.67 means that the error rate is less than 0.6 per one million screw assemblies. To operate the screwdriver, a sequence controller AST30-31 with integrated power supply and a motor cable is necessary. The motor cable is available in different lengths. Comprehensive software addition modules enable data registration and graph display for statistic evaluation and screw joint analysis. Position dependent programme selection, monitoring of the screw sequence and further functions for increased processing reliability are realisable in combination with a position control stand.

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Please also find suitable tool inserts in our brochure D3320E. Sequence controller 230 v Type Part no. Sequence controller 115 v Type Part no. Power unit (AC) Insulation LC-display 24V input/output interface Membrane keyboard USB interface Profi bus Ethernet Amount of connectable drivers Dimensions (W x H x D) Weight • Highest precision over the entire torque range • Torque control/angle monitoring • Angle control/torque monitoring • Friction coefficient defined screw joint • 32 freely programmable sequences • Comprehensive analysis functions Available communication ports: Ethernet,...

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Optional Equipment *) for additional technical data please see our catalog D3022E **) only in connection with data logger software At DEPRAG, we are committed to constantly improving our software solutions. To harness these benefits, we recommend regularly updating to the latest edition. For more information, please contact our service department at More optional equipment Toolbox to suit controller type AST30-31 Toolbox Type This Toolbox increases the AST30-31 application range concerning both manual working stations and in conjunction with PLC controllers. It can...

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Options to combine the EC-Screwdriver Technology Screw feeder/ PLC (optional) Connection cable 385835C Sequence controller AST30-31 Programming cable 831420 Ethernet Module Type AST30-EN Printer cable 385419A PC-software TC30-PC EC-Servo screwdriver Data logger module 829085 DEPRAG SCHULZ GMBH u. CO. P.O. Box 1352, D-92203 Amberg, Germany Carl-Schulz-Platz 1, D-92224 Amberg Phone (+49) 9621 371-0, Fax (+49) 9621 371-120 © DEPRAG. All rights and technical alterations reserved - Fri

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