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Screwdriving Technology Automation DEPRHGThe Manual Work Station Short conversion times, varying production numbers, integration of the operator into the assembly process whilst at the same time conforming to the highest quality standards are requirements which all call for a flexible and intelligent manual work station. Coordinated components guarantee: ■ Processing reliability ■ Technical cleanliness ■ ESD capability ■ Documentation capability ■ Flexibility ■ Ergonomics ■ Efficiency ■ Industry 4.0 (product data acquisition/ manufacturing execution systems) Determine the required processes for your application and shape your own work station. Your advantage: All components come from one source and are coordinated with each other.

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Screwdriving Technology Page 4 Feeding Technology Page 5 Ergonomics and Tool Guidance Page 6

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Technical Cleanliness Page 7 Guide - Control - Evaluate Page 8 Base Structure Page 9

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The Basic Components of your Manual Work Station Screwdriving Technology EC-/EC servo screwdriver Mechanical shut-off screwdriver with function control EC-/EC Servo screwdrivers provide maximum processing reliability, flexibility and traceability of your assembly results. The screwdriver is push-to-start. Once torque has been reached the screwdriver switches off via the highly accurate decoupler and shut-off clutch. The function control monitors the shut-off procedure. Precise control and regulation of the screw tightening due to integrated torque and angle measurement Free programming of...

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Manual Work Stations - 5

The Basic Components of your Manual Work Station Feeding Technology DEPRAG feeding systems increase the automation level and improve the ergonomics of a manual work station. Connection elements of a suitable shape can be fed using a calibrated feed hose. If feeding via hose is not an option then Pick & Place systems come into play. Feeding via Pick & Place Feeding via mit ein oder zwei Verfeed hose einzelungssystemen Options: Vibratory bowl feeder Sword feeder Options: Vibratory bowl feeder Linear feed system Screw presenter Tape-on-reel feed system for self-adhesive components (e.g....

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Perfectly coordinated stand and portal solutions guide the tool securely to the screw position taking the strain from the operator. Position control systems ensure that at the correct time, on the correct position, the correct connection element is assembled with the correct torque. Tool guidance with position monitoring Tool guidance without position monitoring Options: ■ Position control portal ■ Position control stand Options: ■ Linear stand ■ Rail guided telescope arm ■ Parallelogram stand ■ Balancer Notes: ■ Monitoring of the screw position and screw sequence, freely programmable ■...

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Ergonomics and Tool Guidance on the Manual Work Station DEPRAG Feed Module (DFM) The DEPRAG Feed Module (DFM) enables screw assemblies on screw positions which are difficult to access (e.g. round housing forms), by using vacuum assistance. Screws or nuts can be positioned mechanically and set-in-place by using vacuum suction. The operator can therefore access even hard-to-reach screw positions without any problems. Independent from the operator, the integrated stroke-mechanics uses cylinders to control the precise pressure required for the positioning element. For recessed screw positions...

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Manual Work Stations - 8

Intelligent software packages combined with standardised hardware based on an industrial PC enable individual solutions tailored to your application. Perfectly coordinated interfaces between standard components and an intuitive operator guidance guarantee the best in user friendliness. documentation communication The DCOS control system ensures: • allocation • control The standardised software packages: DFUN DEPRAG FUNction combines and controls all standard functions on the manual work station DPRO DEPRAG PROcess Processing control and data handling (product data acquisition, machine...

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Manual Work Stations - 9

Base frame for your Manual Work Station The base structure with aluminium design provides the basis for integration of all types of components for the manual work station. Suitable as an individual work station or combined into a complete assembly line. Base frame for your individual work station or for your assembly line: Available in various standard sizes Electronic height adjustment Rotational part fixtures (access from all sides) With integrated part feeding, e.g. via gripper container with „Pick-to-Light“ display Integrated lighting and energy supply Electronic height adjustment...

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Manual Work Stations - 10

The DEPRAG Manual Work Station Example: Assembly of sunglasses Components of the work station ■ Aluminium base frame ■ Intelligent, rotational workpiece fixtures ■ Height adjustable working platform ■ EC-Servo screwdriving system ■ Pick-to-Light Gripper system ■ DCOS Control system Components of the work station ■ Aluminium base frame ■ Intelligent workpiece fixtures with visual indication on screwdriver housing (green = pass / red = fail) ■ Automatic screw feeding via vibratory spiral bowl ■ Torque evaluation via integrated measurement equipment ■ DCOS control system Notes: ■ Displays the...

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The DEPRAG Manual Work Station 11 The DEPRAG Manual Work Station 11 Components of the work station ■ Aluminium base frame ■ Position control portal ■ Automatic screw feeding using sword feeder ■ CleanFeed concept for technical cleanliness ■ Intuitive Pick-to-Light feeding module ■ EC-Servo screwdriving system ■ Bitbox bit exchange system ■ DCOS control system Notes: ■ Ensures Technical Cleanliness ■ Monitors screw position and screw sequence ■ Automatically assigns the type of connection element and screw program to the screw position ■ Torque and angle control ■ Data recording and storage...

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