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Vane Operated Flow Switches - 1

IP66 Protection (131 only) The IM2 & 131 is suitable for a wide rangeof applications in many Industry sectors: Wetted parts Oil & Gas Mild steel backplate aluminium or stainless steel vane.(131 only) Chemical Petrochemical Refining Standard Electrical ratings Power Refer to table 6 Food Industry Process connection Duct mounting. Unit weight > 4.6kg ֖ 9.4kg /10.2lb 20.7lb (131 Flow switch). Delta Controls֒ range of reliablepressure and temperaturemeasurement instruments can be customised to meet individualrequirements. For technical advice or todiscuss your application please contact us on +44 (0) 20 8939 3500 >

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Vane Operated Flow Switches - 2

In many industrial processes that use a low pressure flow of air within ducting or similar housing, it isnecessary to safeguard personnel and to prevent damage to equipment which may be caused by the sudden failure of the air supply. The M2 Series Air Flow Failure Switch is suitable for connecting either directly to the main switch-gear controls or to an alarm warning system so that the necessary safety measures may be takenautomatically or manually at the instant that failure of the air supply occurs.The M2 instrument is primarily a sensitive on/off device, suitable for use on most systems...

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Vane Operated Flow Switches - 3

FINISH Light grey epoxy resin paint. FLAMEPROOF ENCLOSURES (ZONE 1) Code INTRINSIC SAFETY EExd IIC T6 (-60 to +40 C), T4 (-60 to +80 C) II 2 G D Because of the low voltages and currents of I.S. circuits, werecommend using gold contacts. 131 only. Gravity die-cast enclosure in aluminium-silicon alloy. BASEEFAcertified to CENELEC EN50 014 and EN50 018.Suitable for outdoor use, IP66. H EExd IIC T6 (-60 to +40 C), T4 (-60 to +80 C) II 2 G D As Code H, but sand cast in high quality grey iron. K > Code Vane Operated Flow Switch131 > Code Enclosures H & K: M20 x 1.5 ISO thread0 Enclosures H & K:...

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Vane Operated Flow Switches - 5

FEATURECode Please consult Delta sales engineering for special requirementsTBA > Pollution degree (EN60947-5-1:- 131 only) AMBIENT TEMPERATURE RANGE ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONSTerminal Block A ll models are suitable for operatingwithin a range of ambient temperaturefrom ֖25 to +60 A ll products are suitable for use inpollution degree 3. For extremeconditions where condensationmay readily form, then sealedcontacts should be used. C (-13 to +140 F).Special build available for temperaturesdown to -60 Cable entry is to a non-pinching blockmade of a non-Hygroscopicthermosetting plastic, suitable...

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Vane Operated Flow Switches - 6

CENELEC/ATEX Certified to CENELEC EN50 014 and EN50 018.For use in Zone 1 hazardous areas EEx d IIC T6 (-40 to +60 C)T4 (-40 to +85 C)Enclosure Codes H and R and all models (see Table 1)Certificate number BAS0IATEX2426X IECEX APPROVAL for use in Zone 1 hazardous areasExd IIC certified to IEC 60079-0 and IEC60079-1 Cert No. IECExITS04 0006X > Alldimensionsmm(Inches) In the interest of development and improvement Delta Controls Ltd, reserves the right to amend, without notice, details contained inthis publication. No legal liability will be accepted by Delta Controls Ltd for any errors,...

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