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How can we help you? Technical Datasheets and IOM Instructions for all Delta Controls' pressure and temperature measurement products are available from our website at For Service and Repair enquiries, please contact the Sales Engineering Teams on +44 (0)20 8939 3500 or email Delta Controls Limited Island Farm Avenue, West Molesey, Surrey KT8 2UZ, UK T +44 (0) 20 8939 3500 F +44 (0) 20 8783 1163 E W

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CONTENTS Warranty Glossary Product Introduction Sensor, Electronics Software & Local Display General Mechanical Electrical Blind Instrument Multi-Drop Trouble Shooting -------Functional, Performance Physical & Drawings Certified Products Options, Spares and Maintenance Re-Calibration Procedure Product code

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WARRANTY This instrument is guaranteed against faulty workmanship and material for a period of one year from the date of delivery. The company undertakes to repair, free of charge, ex-works any instrument found to be defective within the specified period provided the instrument has been used within the specification in accordance with these instructions and has not been misused in any way. Detailed notice of such defects and satisfactory proof thereof must be given to the company immediately after the discovery and the goods have to be returned free of charge to the company, carefully...

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Lower Range Limit (pressure): The lowest measured value (pressure) that the transmitter can sense, governed by the sensor. Lower Range Value (pressure): Normally the lowest measured value (pressure) that the analogue output (mA) of the transmitter can represent, but this may be reversed with URV (pressure) for reverse analogue outputs (mA). Name used to describe any system that is in control of the slave field devices, HART can support two masters, primary and secondary. A thirty two character field for additional information, name of installation engineer, calibration technician etc....

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PRODUCT INTRODUCTION The Delta HT Series of SMART transmitters accurately measures gauge or absolute pressure and transmits a traditional 4-20 mA signal as well as a digital signal using the HART® protocol. The HART® protocol gives the ability to integrate into one system, products from different manufacturers with predictable functionality and control. HART® has become the most widely used digital communication system for process instruments and controllers. These transmitters complement the popular Delta 387 transmitters. Digital technology has been used to ensure accuracy, stability and...

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THE DISPLAY / CONFIGURATOR (“D_CAL”) :- The Local display unit is constructed from a single stainless steel puck that when fitted gives the transmitter a protection rating of IP 54 with the cover removed. The unit continuously shows prime variable and units of measure in monitor mode. If current or percentage output is required, then this may be selected on the D-CAL. The display unit also allows access to the state machine that generates a user friendly menu with access to the internal HART® functions that are commonly used for installation and maintenance. To browse, edit and store...

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MECHANICAL INSTALLATION Conduit connection The 2HT series Transmitters are supplied with either M20 x 1.5 or 1/2" NPT internally threaded electrical connection. To prevent condensation build-up in the conduit entering the instrument housing, the following piping layout should be followed. Additional considerations must be made if transmitters are to be mounted in hazardous areas. If cable is used a suitable gland should be chosen so that protection rating and hazardous area certification is not affected, in accordance with site or national codes of practice. ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION Cable...

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Do not mix non-HART compatible signals within the same cable run. Cable should be run through a sealed metal gland rated IP66, to avoid moisture ingress in to the housing and provide a strong mechanical fixing. For EEx d applications the use of approved cable and glands is a mandatory requirement 7mm Recommended wiring practice It is recommended that the field wiring be trimmed to length as follows. This will then allow access to the zero and span buttons and prevent fouling of the display cable if fitted. Recommendations for Power supply :The DC power supply should have less than 2%...

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Loop load The required loop voltage is based on the loop resistance. To determine the total resistance, add the resistance of all the units within the loop (except the transmitter). The required supply voltage can be determined by reference to the graph. Note that there must be a minimum of 250 ohms within the loop for digital communication to take place. The ideal system with no cross-talk, this assumes that the PSU has zero impedance at the HART signalling frequencies. Note that separate positive and ground lines are run to each instrument. Cables are spaced, or screened, to prevent...

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Re-ranging using the Zero and Span Buttons, Blind Instrument. The transmitter can have its LRV and URV set using the local keys mounted on the top circuit board. To set these values a pressure source should be used that has a calibrated accuracy three to five times better than the desired instrument accuracy, a loop current indicator is also required. Alternatively the instrument can use the process to generate the required pressures. 1 :2 :3 :4 :5 :6 :7 :8 :- Apply the LRV pressure to the instrument. Wait 20 seconds, for the pressure to stabilise. Press the [ZERO] button and hold it for 3...

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MULTI-DROP CONFIGURATION Multi-dropping transmitters refers to the practice of connecting several units to a single transmission line. The analogue signal is switched to 4 mA on all units and communication takes place digitally only. Each message is sent with a unique number that identifies the field device. The HART® system limits the number of instruments that can be connected in this way to 15. For Intrinsically Safe installations, maximum permissible circuit current reduces the limit to four. When a multi-drop system is designed, consideration must be given to the length of transmission...

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