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DPR-2000G - 1

Technical Datasheet D-Series SMART Differential Pressure Transmitter for Low Ranges Models: DPR-2000G Key Features Ÿ Ÿ 4-20mA analogue with digital communications Ÿ Fully HART ® compatible Ÿ Static pressure limit up to 420 bar Ÿ ATEX certified (Intrinsic Safety) Ÿ Fully welded sensor guarantees tightness of oil systems for long term usage Ÿ Ability to locally configure measuring range Series Overview The D-Series pressure, differential pressure and temperature transmitters offer customers cost-effective and accurate solutions to their individual process requirements. Available with a wide range of process connections and easily configurable via the D-Soft software, the D-Series can be used for a variety of applications where pressure, differential pressure, temperature, level or flow measurements are needed. Other models in this series include: DPR-2200 SMART Differential Pressure Transmitter with two diaphragm seals DPC-2000 SMART Pressure Transmitter Ÿ Level Ÿ Flow The choice of models available ensures that the DPR-2200 is: DPT-2000 SMART Temperature Transmitter DPR-2000 SMART Differential Pressure transmitter Ÿ Suitable for use in corrosive atmospheres Ÿ Resistant to chemical attack Delta Controls offers fast, efficient and knowledgeable support when and where you need it. Please visit our website at www.delta-controls.com to find your local support centre or call us on: +44 (0) 1252 729 140 Product Applications The DPR-2200 is suitable for a wide range of

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DPR-2000G - 2

Application The DPR-2000G is applicable to the measurement of differential pressure of gases. Typical applications include the measurement of blast pressure, chimney draughts or pressure/underpressure in furnace chambers. The ability to select the radical conversion characteristics enables the transmitter to be used in gas-flow measurement systems using reducing pipes or other impeding elements. The transmitter can withstand overpressure up to 1 bar. The housing of the electronic circuit has the degree of protection IP66/67. Comms & Configuration Communication with the transmitter is carried...

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DPR-2000G - 3

Metrological Parameters Nominal range Accuracy Thermal error £ ±0.1% (FSO) / 10°C max. ±0.4% (FSO) in the whole compensation temperature range Thermal compensation range Additional electronic damping Power supply RS-HART converter or communicator Error due to supply voltage changes 0.002% (FSO) / V Electrical parameters Power supply 12...55 V DC (EEx 13,5...28 V) Additional voltage drop when display illumination switched on 3V Output signal 4...20 mA, two wire transmission Load resistance R[£ ] £ £ -15 when display illumination switched on Resistance required for communication 250...1100 £...

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DPR-2000G - 4

Smart differential pressure transmitter. DPR-2000G Casing, output signal, Ex II 1/2G Ex ia IIB T4/T5 Ga/Gb (version with Teflon-shielded cable) Ex II 1D Ex ia IIIC T105°C Da I M1 Ex ia I Ma (version with enclosure ss316) Nominal measuring range /…?... [ required units] Electrical connection Other specification Description of required parameters The most typical specification is marked by “ £ ” mark. Example1: Differential pressure transmitter with display, nominal range connection, two additional M20x1,5/Ø6x1 adapters. -7÷7mbar, set range -0,5÷1mbar, PCV type process DPR-2000GALW/...

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