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Technical Datasheet Low Specification Diaphragm Operated Pressure Difference Switches 310/316 models • Die cast weatherproof enclosure to IP66 (NEMA 4). Stainless steel mechanism. Internal tamperproof set point adjustment. Calibrated scale. Set point adjustment from –2.5mbar (-1 in H20) up to 1.6 bar (20 psi) dependent on model. Performance characteristics Product applications The 310/316 is suitable for a wide range Wetted parts options • Flanges pressure die cast zinc alloy – seals nitrile. (310) Flanges die cast aluminium alloy – seals nitrile. (316) of applications in many Industry sectors: • Oil & Gas • Chemical • Power Food Industry Standard Electrical ratings • Process connection • How can we help you? Delta Controls’ range of reliable pressure and temperature measurement Unit weight • Accuracy • Set point repeatability ± 1% of span at 20 °C / 68 °F ambient. • Scale accuracy ± 3% of full scale. instruments can be customised to meet individual requirements. For technical advice or to discuss your a

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Enclosure FINISH All enclosures are finished in light grey epoxy resin paint. INTRINSIC SAFETY Because of the low voltages and currents of I.S. circuits, we recommend using gold contacts. NOTE: For pressure difference switches, maximum working pressure (Pmax) and maximum static/line pressure mean the same. Electrical Entry Adaptors are available for other popular thread sizes. ENCLOSURE General Purpose Weatherproof The basic enclosure is pressure die-cast in zinc alloy, offering weather protection not less than NEMA type 4 + 13/IP66. Code Static/line pressure from –500 (-7psi) to +500mbar...

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Setting Ranges Pmax – maximum working pressure Switching Options Model 310 & 316 – a much wider variety of switching options is available on Model 306. UL/CSA Rating (RESISTIVE) §SEE NOTE IEC 947-5-1/EN 60947-5-1 Rating Designation & Utilization Category Rated operational current Ie (A) at rated operational voltage Ue 5 Amps @ 110/250V AC Light Duty for AC only 5 Amps @ 110/250V AC & 2 Amps @ 30V DC General purpose precision 1 Amp @ 125V AC & §100mA @ 30V DC gold alloy contacts for low voltage switching VA Rating Make Break Ui The electrical rating is dependent on the microswitch fitted to...

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Options & Treatments Code APPLY FOR DETAILS Tagging - Variety of tagging methods are available Applies when – no option is required and selection is made from special engineering. Special Engineering Please consult Delta sales engineering for special requirements. Performance Data Bar / mbar Units FIXED SWITCHING DIFFERENTIAL Due to manufacturing tolerances the figures in these tables are for guidance only. Should the differential be critical for specific applications, our engineers should be consulted prior to ordering. MODEL 310 – Switch options Table 6 Range Code BN BR C4 C9 D9 MODEL 316...

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Technical Specifications ACCURACY Set point repeatability + 1% of full scale at 20°C ambient. Scale accuracy +3% of full scale. AMBIENT TEMPERATURE RANGE All models are suitable for operating within a range of ambient temperature from –25 to +60°C (-13 to +140°F). ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS OPTIONAL EXTRAS Earthing/Grounding An earthing/grounding stud is provided inside the enclosure adjacent to the entry Mounting Position/Location/Installation Vertical as shown, taking care to avoid siting in locations that transmit excessive shock or vibration. For further advice contact our engineers....

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In the interest of development and improvement Delta Controls Ltd, reserves the right to amend, without notice, details contained in this publication. No legal liability will be accepted by Delta Controls Ltd for any errors, omissions or amendments. Delta Controls Limited Riverside Business Park, Dogflud Way, Farnham, Surrey GU9 7SS, UK. T+44 (0)1252 729 140 F+44 (0)1252 729 168 E sales@delta-controls.com W www.delta-controls.com

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