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200 Series - 1

Technical Datasheet Performance Bellows Operated Pressure Switches 200 Series • Precision stainless steel mechanism for arduous atmospheres and high humidity. • Set point adjustable over whole range against calibrated scale with tamperproof adjuster. • Precise and accurate operation guaranteed by use of hydraulic formed bellows, or capsule stack. • Ranges available up to 75 Bar (1,000 psi) • Weatherproof and Flameproof models EEx d IIC - ATEX. • NACE MR-01-75 compatibility. • Models for fixed switching differential, adjustable differential and HI-LO operation. • Safety vented or blow out device as standard. • Hermetically sealed microswitch option. Product applications The 201 is suitable for a wide range of Performance characteristics Enclosure • IP66 Protection Wetted parts options • 316 Stainless Steel bellows. • Nickel Alloy (Monel) suitable for NACE MR-01-75. Standard Electrical ratings – Refer to Table 6 • 5 Amps – general purpose, environmentally sealed, hermetically sealed. applications in many Industry sectors: • Oil & Gas • Chemical • Petrochemical • Refining • Power • Food Industry The choice of models available ensures that the 201/2/3/281 is suitable for use in: • Corrosive atmospheres • Resistant to chemical attack • 1 Amp with gold contacts. Process connection • Rc ¼ (BSP), ¼ NPT Internal, ½ NPT Internal & ½ NPT Externa l. How can we help you? Delta Controls’ range of reliable pressure and temperature Unit weight customised to meet individual requirements. For technical advice or Accuracy • Set point repeatability ± 0.5% of span at 20 ° / 68 ° ambient. C F

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200 Series - 2

Enclosure FINISH All enclosures except Type A are finished in light grey epoxy resin paint. Special finishes to order. INTRINSIC SAFETY Because of the low voltages and currency of I.S. circuits, we recommend using gold and/or sealed contacts. NOTE: Enclosure Codes W & A with range BC, C6, E1 and E8 (BU, CP, E4, E7) have weather protection reduced to IP54. In the interests of reliability not all enclosures are available with all wetted parts materials. See Table 4. Temperatures in Table 1 refer to limitations for certified enclosures. See TECHNICAL DATA. WEATHERPROOF ENCLOSURES General...

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200 Series - 3

Electrical Entry Adaptors are available for other popular thread sizes. Enclosures ‘W’ & ‘N’ Standard option code 1(22mm dia) is provided with a nylon 22/20 reducer and fibre washer suitable for a standard M20 cable gland and back nut. Option code 0 elbow adapter is factory fitted. Adapter kits may also be provided retrospectively to fit at site if required. Ask for details. ‘W’ and ‘N’ SAFETY NOTE If a metal cable gland is site fitted it must either be earthed locally or an earth/gland plate must be used to connect the body of the gland at the enclosure earthing point. Earth/gland plates...

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200 Series - 4

Switching Options A much wider variety of switching options can be engineered to customer’s requirements for Model 201 switches, manual latching, pneumatic output etc. Please consult our engineers for further information. On models 202, 203 and 281, only the switching options specified can be supplied. Model 201 IEC 947-5-1/EN 60947-5-1 Rating UL/CSA Rating (RESISTIVE) §SEE NOTE 5 Amps @ 110/250V AC Light Duty for AC only Designation & Utilization Category Rated operational current Ie (A) at rated operational VA Rating Make Break 5 Amps @ 110/250V AC & AC14 D300 0.6/0.3A @ 120/240V AC 2...

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200 Series - 5

Process Connection Other thread specifications and sizes are available without using adaptors. Options & Treatments Adaptors are available for applications where their use is permitted. Combinations available, apply for details. Code Tropicalisation High humidity environment Marine and Offshore Saline atmosphere or salt spray Ammonia Process (wetted) parts and construction suitable for atmospheric ammonia. Oxygen Service 2: Process (wetted) parts are cleaned for oxygen. Oxygen Service 3: Process and non-process parts are cleaned for use with oxygen. Stainless Steel Pipe Mounting Bracket...

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200 Series - 6

Performance Data Bar Units (SI) Due to manufacturing tolerances the figures quoted in these tables are for guidance only and are typical for weatherproof models. Flameproof models maybe up to 2 times higher depending on the range. Should the differential be critical for specific applications our engineers should be consulted prior to ordering. Model 281: The switching differential on each point may be up to 1.5 times that of Table 10A & C. Care must be exercised, therefore, in specifying high differential switches on sensitive ranges, or set point separation less than 3 times switching...

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200 Series - 7

ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS Technical Specifications ACCURACY Set point repeatability + 0.5% of full scale at 20°C ambient. Scale accuracy +2% of full scale. AMBIENT TEMPERATURE RANGE All models are suitable for operating within a range of ambient temperature from –25 to +60°C (-13 to +140°F). Special build available for temperatures down to -60°C (-76°F), refer to SPECIAL ENGINEERING MAXIMUM PROCESS TEMPERATURE Whilst the component parts withstand +60°C (+140°F), process temperatures up to +120°C (+248°F) are subject to appropriate installation practice and the use of wetted parts material code...

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200 Series - 8

PROPRIETARY GLAND NOTE – Add 10mm for enclosure O (Dimension A) ENCLOSURE CODES A/O In the interest of development and improvement Delta Controls Ltd, reserves the right to amend, without notice, details contained in this publication. No legal liability will be accepted by Delta Controls Ltd for any errors, omissions or amendments. Delta Controls Limited Delta Controls Limited Island Farm Avenue, West Molesey, Surrey KT8 2UZ,7SS, UK. Riverside Business Park, Dogflud Way, Farnham, Surrey GU9 UK. T+44(0)12 5272 9140 F+44 (0)12(0)20 9168 E1163 E sales@delta-controls.com W...

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