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Forward thinking is an integral part of our company’s strategy. DELO has set for itself the goal of making a positive contribution to a more sustainable environment through active engagement. The company is adapting with society’s needs, and plays an active part in environmental protection and conservation. Innovations are the key to balanced developments. We use innovative solutions to grow in developing markets. This is how we ensure our future – it is directly linked to DELO’s innovative driv

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Sustainable practices - 4

Bonding – a sustainable joining method DELO strives to have a long-term positive influence on the environment. As a consequence, DELO invests in technologies that can reduce energy and raw materials usage, saving valuable resources. DELO’s adhesives are solvent-free (100 % solids), and therefore VOC*-free. This means that no VOCs are emitted at the customer’s site. * OC = Volatile organic compound[s] is the collective term for V carbonaceous (organic) substances that easily evaporate (are volatile) or are present as gases even at low temperatures. DELO confidently offers the joining method...

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Sustainable practices - 5

Energy-saving LED technology LEDs are the illuminant of the future and are increasingly being used in the automotive and consumer industries. Reasons for this phenomenon include their environmental friendliness: LED lamps do not contain lead or mercury and significantly reduce the CO2 emitted to the environment due to their energy-economy. Economical and environmentally friendly advantages: Maintenance-free LED technology 20 times longer service life can be achieved by LEDs Low operating costs LED vs. light bulb Î LED lamps (for example DELOLUX 20) consume about 1,500 kWh less power per...

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Sustainable practices - 6

Environmental technologies by bonding E-cars A combustion car produces an average of 150 g of CO2 per kilometer driven. If all vehicles on our road were equipped with electric motors, CO2 emissions would be reduced by a total of at least 30 million tons. If the electricity these motors require came from regenerative sources only, several million tons more could be saved. (source: DELO supplies the application-specific adhesives for various bonding tasks in e-cars, including magnet bonding in e-motors and sensor casting. Adhesives save weight Î A 100 kg reduction in...

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Sustainable practices - 7

Environmentally friendly production technologies DELO attaches great importance to high quality standards and is proud of its industrial products “made in Germany”. In particular, it is the quality of our products and the development of new production technologies that ensure long-term competitiveness. Even here, sustainability is a key aspect. The reason for this is that the significance of efficient and resource-conserving production technologies is ever-expanding. As a consequence, DELO pursues resource efficiency in production processes. Being a company approved by the BlmSchG (German...

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Sustainable practices - 8

Pollution and emmissions Recycling first, disposal second Î Raw materials in recycling containers In terms of waste, DELO follows the general principle: “Prevention before reduction before recycling before disposal”. Adhesive containers are recycled and then reprocessed by external partners. The same applies to cleaners – these are redistilled. Hazardous waste is separated according to the European Waste Catalogue (EWC). On the basis of this index, the European Union classifies waste according to their risk level, assigning 6-digit waste code numbers. In general, DELO documents and records...

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Sustainable practices - 9

Building All of DELO’s buildings are equipped with an ultra-modern heating system with electronic pumps, separately controlled heating and cooling circuits, and electronic radiator valves. As the system runtimes are perfectly adapted to their actual use time, the temperature of the heating system is reduced to a minimum level at night, over the weekend and on non-working days. Î We promote modern environmental awareness with modern buildings Warehouse and production facilities are heated by thermal component activation of the base plates at low temperature. What is more, DELO largely...

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Sustainable practices - 10

Company Responsible behavior paves the way for long-term sustainability DELO’s passion for the development of customer-specific solutions is reflected in both the development of new technologies and our maximize our value to the customer. In addition, DELO offers measures for the promotion of its employees in the form of further education and training. DELO also does not miss out on social commitment, promoting projects and institutions from society, education, science, sports and culture. Promote strong points – expand expertise Seminars and workshops DELO has already been offering bonding...

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Sustainable practices - 11

Graduates and apprentices DELO is a “Great Place to Work” [Germany’s Best Employers 2013 Award], focused on cutting-edge industries. This is particularly interesting for young and innovative people. Apprentices have the ability to influence and share in DELO’s success. One team, one goal DELO attaches great importance to a good work-life balance. Therefore, the company supports, promotes and provides many after-work activities. For example, the employees can use the in-house fitness studio at no charge. In addition, DELO is located near Lake Ammersee, inviting an after-work swim. By...

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Sustainable practices - 12

DELO Industrial Adhesives DELO-Allee 1 86949 Windach / Munich Germany Phone +49 8193 9900-0 www.DELO.d

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