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Glass Bonding Requirements, Adhesives, Applications Compression shear specimens acc. to DELO Standard 5

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Bonding enables new designs DELO has developed special UV- and light-curing acrylates for glass bonding. Classical applications include glass furniture, bathroom scales, shower enclosures or design elements. The key requirements to be fulfilled by these adhesives are good adhesion to glass, long-term resistance of the bond, and maximum, permanent transparency of the adhesives. Neither temperature nor UV light (sunlight) may lead to discoloration. DELO’s glass adhesives are ideal for bonding transparent materials: DELO PHOTOBOND  Fast curing within seconds  Wavelengths: 320 – 400 nm...

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Glass Bonding - 3

Bonding of door hinges for glass shower enclosures. Yellowing-resistant, excellent humidity and chemical resistance. © Pictures page 2 / 3: Artweger Reliable and easy handling Surface treatment DELOTHEN cleaner removes contaminations from the surface and degreases it. It is directly sprayed onto the surface to be cleaned from a distance of 20 – 30 cm. After thorough cleaning with a lint-free cloth, the adhesive can be applied. Dispensing Precise and bubble-free dispensing of DELO PHOTOBOND glass adhesives is possible with the DELO-DOT PN microdispensing valve. Alternatively, the adhesive...

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Glass Bonding - 4

High transparency Glass adhesives must keep their transparency over the entire lifetime of the bonded product, even under intensive solar radiation. The conditions are reconstructed in a sunlight simulator to determine the transparency values using a special L*a*b* measuring device. The b* value is a particularly good indicator of a specimen’s yellow portion. The b* value must range from 0 to 5 for lightfast, yellowing-resistant bonds. The chart below lists some typical average values of various DELO glass adhesives. The light intensity of the simulator is about five times higher than the...

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Glass Bonding - 5

Glass plate on metal table base Durable and humidity-resistant In order to determine the durability of glass bonds, these are stored in surfactant-containing water at +45 °C for 42 days. This test is an essential proof of the humidity resistance of the join. The diagram shows the clearly better durability of DELO PHOTOBOND products compared to customary acrylates. DELO PHOTOBOND adhesives adhere very well, even after the demanding automotive climate test. DELO PHOTOBOND Customary acrylate Adhesives for glass bonding and mixed glass-to-metal joins fulfill extreme requirements. They have to...

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Glass Bonding - 6

DELO’s adhesives in action Bonding of frames for LED display lamps DELO PHOTOBOND 4468  UV-resistant, permanently transparent  Excellent humidity and media resistance  Equalization of thermal tensions  Good adhesion, reliable sealing  Strength 10 – 20 time higher than that of silicones Glass plate to aluminum force transducer DELO PHOTOBOND 4468  High strength, 300 kg load on the rim  Transparent bond over the entire lifetime  Humidity-resistant under wet room conditions  More cost-efficient and higher process reliability than 2C epoxy resins or double-sided adhesive tapes Design...

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Glass Bonding - 7

Aluminum door hinges to shower enclosures DELO PHOTOBOND 4468  UV-resistant, permanently transparent  Excellent resistance to humidity and chemicals (e. g. glass cleaner)  High dynamic loading capacity  Good adhesion to glass, stainless steel, anodized aluminum  Positively tested acc. to DIN EN 14428 with more than 250,000 opening and closing cycles Strap hinges to shower enclosures DELO PHOTOBOND MF4181  High transparency, colorless, yellowing-resistant  Excellent resistance to humidity and chemicals (e. g. glass cleaner)  Equalization of tensions between glass and metal ...

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