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Flexible Liquid Seals – Cured within Seconds Sealing in second intervals DELO Industrial Adhesives has developed new lightcuring liquid sealants (FIPG / CIPG = Form In Place Gasket / Cure In Place Gasket) for sealing and protecting housing covers. These products can be reliably applied in their liquid state directly from the cartridges onto the housing elements. Then, they cure within seconds by exposure to light. Thus, they fulfill the growing demand for short cycle times and easy automation. Their good elastic recovery enables reliable sealing during later joining of the components. Application areas Your benefits  Electronic / household devices: Sealing of telephone housings, loudspeaker assembly, sealing of handles  Automotive: Sealing of oil pans, electrical controls, engine covers, pumps, gear parts, door handles  Large production volumes without process interruption possible  High process reliability and system availability  Complex component geometries possible (short machine changeover times)  No seals must be kept on stock (saving of material and storage costs)  Fluorescence allows detection (vs. black elastomer on black housing) Product properties  Curing in seconds without applying heat  Immediate final strength allows direct continuation of the production process  “Curing on demand” (curing only upon irradiation)  Good elastic recovery / low compression set  One-component, solvent-f

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Technical parameters Color DELO Industrial Adhesives Headquarters ► Germany • Windach/Munich ... CONSULTING The data and information provided are based on tests performed under laboratory conditions. Reliable information about the behavior of the product under practical conditions and its suitability for a specific purpose cannot be concluded from this. It is the customer's responsibility to test the suitability of a product for the intended purpose by considering all specific requirements and by applying standards the customer deems suitable (e. g. DIN 2304-1). Type, physical and chemical...

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