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Low-tension bonding of temperature-sensitive components for compact cameras Heat Curing Adhesives Low-tension curing at +60 °C DELO has developed low-temperature-curing adhesives with optional light fixation for temperature-sensitive components. These products achieve full strength when cured at just +60 °C. Heat-curing adhesives are used for many applications requiring high strength and permanent environmental resistance. To achieve these properties, most adhesives must be cured at temperatures between +100 °C and +150 °C – but not DELO’s adhesives. Application areas Customer’s benefits Low-tension bonding and casting of temperaturesensitive materials in the following sectors and many more:  Compact camera modules (CCM)  Electronic assembly  Mobile assembly  Optical packaging (including infrared LEDs, image sensors)  Wearables  Used in applications requiring high precision: Extremely low warpage due to low heat input  Low thermal stress enables the use of cost-efficient substrates  High efficiency due to low energy consumption during heat curing  High positioning accuracy by light fixation Optical packaging – Bonding of housing to PCB and glass cover to housing Product properties  One-component, modified epoxy resins, solvent-free  Optional prefixation (from an irradiation time of 0.5 s) Low curing temperature: +60 °C  Dispensing of very fine structures with standard dispensing needles (for example, 200 μm dia.)  Excellent adhesion to many plastics (such as ABS, LCP, PA, PBT, PMMA, PPS), metals and FR4 

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In addition, various modifications of these products are available. These have, for example, a different flexibility/ strength ratio or cure even faster. Please feel free to contact our Product Management for further details and inquiries. ■ DELO MONOPOX LT2238 (curing at +80°C) ■ DELO DUALBOND LT2208 (curing at +60°C) ■ DELO MONOPOX LT204 (curing at +60°C) ■ DELO DUALBOND LT2216 (curing at +60°C) CONTACT DELO Industrial Adhesives Headquarters ► Germany • Windach/Munich .. ADHESIVES The data and information provided are based on tests performed under laboratory...

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