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Versatile bonding options in electric motors

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Hairpin sealing Segmented magnets Magnet bonding Bonding stator and housing Shaft bonding Adhesives for Electric Motors Electric motors are becoming ever smaller and more powerful, while at the same time their efficiency is expected to increase. At some stages, established joining techniques face various challenges, both with regard to the motor itself and to its production process. The high-tech adhesives developed by DELO especially for electric motors help you solve these challenges. They feature gap-filling and tension-equalizing properties and offer maximum strength as well as resistance...

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Bonding magnets into the housing buried magnets in rotors r:1 \\ Magnet Bonding Considering the numerous advantages bonding offers over mechanical anchoring or bandaging, more and more motor manufacturers are opting for bonding magnets (usually ferrite or rare earth magnets) into housings (e. g. made of steel) or electrical lamination stacks. IPM bonding for the automotive industry Adhesive dispensing next to the IPM (Interior Permanent Magnet) Optional light fixation in seconds with DELOLUX curing lamps Properties of DELO adhesives Your benefits ■ Light fixation within seconds (<10s)...

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Segmented Magnets Segmented (“stacked”) magnets - for example, neodymium magnets - are used in electric motors to reduce eddy currents. The resulting lower heat development in the magnets leads to higher efficiency. Such applications are mainly found in the automotive sector where it is essential to achieve the best possible performance in the smallest installation space. dispensing magnets Light fixation in seconds with DELOLUX curing lamps Final curing with heat without fixing device ■ Special filler Defined layer thicknesses can be produced (e. g. 50 pm) Reduction of eddy current losses...

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Bonding a collector to a shaft Bonding stator to housing: Stators made of electrical sheet are often bonded into their housings (e. g. from cast aluminum or cast magnesium), since even in this application, bonding has some advantages over conventional joining methods such as pressing or shrinking. ■ High temperature stability up to +200 °C Improved functionality: Reliable protection of ■ Damping effect of the adhesive components against high temperatures and vibrations; acoustic improvement ■ Good gap-filling properties Larger manufacturing tolerances are possible ■ Equalization of tensions...

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Motor for power tools Protection of the stator windings Contact protection Partial winding protection Stator of a drive module for automobiles Potting & Covering Sensitive motor components often have to be protected against humidity, media, or mechanical load. This is best achieved with potting compounds. The highly reliable potting compounds from DELO are used especially in the automotive sector to meet the demanding requirements of this industry. Possible applications: ■ Protecting the (enameled) copper coil wire against vibrations ■ Covering solder contacts / welding contacts to protect...

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Using DELO-DOT for fast and precise dispensing of balancing material onto a fan impeller Additive Balancing Balancing is essential in most applications involving rotating components to reduce vibration and extend service life. For this purpose, mass is added or removed at precisely calculated points. Compared to the conventional methods of removing material by machining or using balancing putty to add mass, additive balancing with highly filled, light-curing DELO materials offers several advantages. The scalable process is also suitable for the slightest imbalances. Balancing process with...

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CONTACT Industrial Adhesives Headquarters  Germany · Windach / Munich  China · Shanghai  Japan · Yokohama  Malaysia · Kuala Lumpur  Singapore  South Korea · Seoul  Taiwan, China · Taipei  Thailand · Bangkok  USA · Sudbury, MA The data and information provided are based on tests performed under laboratory conditions. Reliable information about the behavior of the product under practical conditions and its suitability for a specific purpose cannot be concluded from this. It is the customer's responsibility to test the suitability of a product for the intended...

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