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Adhesives for aircraft interiors Light-weight construction is one of the most essential aspects in the aircraft industry. Therefore, bonding is the joining method of choice in this field. By using adhesives to join the light-weight composite materials used, weight and (fuel) expenses can be cut down. Passenger safety also plays an important role. As a consequence, the materials used are specifically tested for their behavior and pollutant emission in the event of fire (fire smoke toxicity test). DELO supplies adhesives specifically developed for aircraft carriers and many DELO products used in the fields of electronics, display and fastening technology are also suitable for applications in aircrafts. High temperature stability The adhesives are specially adapted to the materials to be joined Particularly high strength on plastics such as PPSU Qualified and released by Airbus according to AIMS 10-04-001 (depending on product) Bonding of cabin interiors The adhesives face a wide variety of challenges in this field as they bond side walls, luggage racks, light covers as well as special Dado panels. Doors and door frame covers DELO adhesives are already used in this area to bond sandwich structures to thin plastic panels. As adhesive joining does not damage the material, the load-bearing stiffness of the sandwich structures remains unreduced. The adhesives have tough-elastic properties and also equalize tensions well. Assembly of fasteners Countless assembly elements, such as inserts or ONSERTs®, can be found in the aircraft interior. These special fasteners are used for example in air distribution systems and all types of pipes and cable lines. ONSERT® method ONSERT® is a joining method that was designed to unify the techniques of bonding and screwing. Fasteners, such as thread inserts or clips, are attached by special light-curing adhesives. The advantages: Removable connections can be used without mate

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Seats DELO adhesives provide excellent strength and high peel resistance. Therefore, they are used in constructive seat bondings and for veneers. Unlike other joining methods, bonding gives creative freedom for design and appearance. Displays Today, no aircraft can be imagined without displays. They are used in in-flight entertainment and the cockpit. Previously, the air gap between touch panel and display led to undesirable reflections. Thanks to the new optically clear DELO adhesives, these reflections can be reduced to a minimum (see picture). Electronics Similar to components in the...

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