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Building Innovation Together RAENI LLORL SRELLEBALDEF-LLORRAENIL Aligning unit Traction roller Starwheel for keeping gap System for rotating bottles between bottles Taking care of Labeling Via Brusche 15 • 46014 Castellucchio (MN) • Italy Tel. +39 0376 434611 • Fax +39 0376 434699 Takin

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SRELLEBALDEF-LLORRAENIL NOITARENEG-TSETAL Advanced and customizable software Quick and easy format changeover Roll-Linear labellers are hot-melt linear labellers that applie plastic or paper wrap-around labels from a reel on cylindrical containers, either empty or full. The servomotor in the labelling unit accurately controls the stretching of the film, which is unwound, cut and transferred to the container with vacuum technology. serutaeF Optional second roll holder For labels wrapping around full or empty cylindrical containers made of various materials Automatic reel splicing for...

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