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italia The market is continually looking for applications that deliver high performance and high efficiency for both high and low production speeds. Understanding these needs, our engineering department designed a new rotary roll fed labelling machine. The design promotes improved efficiency and facilitates maintenance operations. RFL is a rotary roll fed labelling machine which applies wraparound plastic or paper labels from a roll to round or shaped glass, PET, metal or paperboard containers. Clean design - TMP • Flat surfaces and holes where liquids can accumulate and generate contamination and corrosion have been eliminated. • Only stainless steel, anticorrosion treated aluminium and plastic have been used. • The machine has been conceived to improve the accessibility of the labelling station by the operator. TESTING Installation and start up is quick and easy because the machine has been completely finished and tested before shipment utilizing original bottles, labels and glue received from the final end user. This process insures a rapid ramp up of production and minimizes downtime of the line. Different configurations & options • Automatic splicer to work on the fly - no line downtime • Drying Tunnel • Thermoshrink tunnel • Different electronic components • Hercules, the system to load the reels in vertical • Label control quality check • End of reel sensor • Pressurization system for empty bottles (labelling before filling) We can provide a complete local assistance thanks to specialized staff of technicians based in strategic markets. Taking care of packaging ^Italia Via Brusche 15 • 46014 Castellucchio (MN) • Italy Phone +39 0376 434611 • Fax +39 0376 434699 RFL Technology Labelling machine Roll Fed Series

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THE ROLL FED LABELLING STATION The roll fed labelling station Is compact and indlpendently motorized. FIGURES & FACTS FEATURES • The labelling station support is one monolithic aluminium casting that makes it light and easy to drive. • The feed roller has its own servo motor which controls the feeding speed of the film in correlation with the detection of the eye mark on the label. • The cutting drum is powered by a servo motor positioned above it and is synchronized with the main machine drive. The cutting drum drives the vacuum drum through helicoi-dal gears. The cutting drum incorporates...

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