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Pneumatic presses with central membranes


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Pneumatic presses with central membranes - 1

DELLA TOFFOLA GROUP Pneumatic presses with central membranes Pressoirs pneumatiques a membrane centrale Prensas neumaticas de membrana central

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Pneumatic presses with central membranes - 3

Totally-draining pneumatic presses with central membranes tested and certified Pressoirs pneumatiques à membrane centrale avec égouttage total, testés et certifiés Prensas neumáticas de membrana central con escurrimiento total, ensayadas y certificadas in accordance with European directives 2006/42/CE and 97/23 CE (PED). selon les directives européennes 2006/42/CE et 97/23 CE (DESP). de acuerdo con las directivas europeas 2006/42/CE y 97/23 CE (PED). Della Toffola’s latest-generation pneumatic presses combine the efficiency of a drainage around the whole circumference, the ability to...

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Pneumatic presses with central membranes - 4

ADVANTAGES Low working pressures, shorter pressing cycles, rapid draining rates, high extraction rates, an exceptional loading capacity and automated cleaning systems, combined with a constant research and development of new technological solutions, place Della Toffola pneumatic presses at the forefront on the world stage. Della Toffola presses are made with open or closed tanks, and in a version that uses inert gas. Les basses pressions de travail, les cycles de pressurage réduits, la vitesse d’égouttage, le haut rendement d’extraction, la capacité de charge incomparable et les systèmes...

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Pneumatic presses with central membranes - 5

PE_PF version with an OPEN TANK (perforated drum) Loading through the hatch Version PE_PF à TANK OUVERT (tambour perforé) Carga a través de la puerta Cross-section of the shaft (which can be dismantled to replace the membrane) Section d’arbre démontable pour remplacer la membrane Sección de eje desarmable para remplazar la membrana Versión PE_PF con DEPÓSITO ABIERTO (tambor perforado) Axial loading Chargement axial Carga axial Must outlet Sortie du moût Salida mosto PEC-PFC version with a CLOSED TANK (patented circumferential grids) Version PEC-PFC à TANK FERMÉ (grilles circonférentielles...

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Pneumatic presses with central membranes - 6

TECHNICAL FEATURES CARACTÉRISTIQUES TECHNIQUES CARACTERÍSTICAS TÉCNICAS SAFETY SYSTEMS Pressing cycles are managed by mechanical and automatic safety devices integrated and interfacing with PLCs that manage and control the presses, including a safety circuit with an emergency stop button, and control of the safety cables and side hatches. SYSTÈMES DE SÉCURITÉ Les cycles de pressurage sont gérés par des systèmes de sécurité mécaniques et automatiques, intégrés et interfacés avec un PLC de gestion et de contrôle des pressoirs : circuit de sécurité avec bouton d’arrêt d’urgence, contrôle des...

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Pneumatic presses with central membranes - 7

ELECTRIC CONTROL PANEL All the presses are complete with stainless steel electric control panels with Telemecanique color graphics touch screen and PLC for the automatic and manual control of the pressing cycles and other systems (rotation – blower or compressor/s – product emptying pump – washing pump – marc conveyor belt – inverter-controlled drum rotation on inert gas version - pump on inert gas tank). The manufacturer provides electric devices certified for the main international markets, and available as spares for keeping in stock because they have been standardized for use in all the...

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Pneumatic presses with central membranes - 8

LOADING/UNLOADING HATCH Della Toffola presses have large loading/ unloading hatches, with pneumatic controls as a standard feature on the PE-PEC80 and larger models. In the presses with closed tanks, the watertight closing door is fitted with a special inspectable seal. Positioned opposite the loading/unloading hatch, all the presses have an oval hatch to facilitating drum cleaning procedures. FOOD-GRADE PVC MEMBRANE The heat-sealable, food-grade PVC membrane can expand evenly over the whole inside wall of the drum, pressing even minimal quantities of product. Up to the model PE-PEC100 an...

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Pneumatic presses with central membranes - 9

INERT GAS PRESSES In the inert gas version, the pneumatic presses have a special “gradual program” that assures the extraction of 100% of the must with the aid of an inert gas, but with none of the pollution deriving from the commonly-used gas recovery methods. MUST UNLOADING AND TRANSFER The product emerging from the press’s drum, by gravity or through the manifold provided, is drained into a collection tank (atmospheric pressure system) or into a closed tank (inert gas system). The transfer of the product is managed by the automated control systems. MUST SELECTION Della Toffola presses...

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Pneumatic presses with central membranes - 10

DRAINAGE SYSTEMS To optimize the unloading and transfer of the marc from the pneumatic presses, there are conveyors of belt (in PVC and stainless steel) or worm screw type, designed and sized to suit each customer’s specific needs. SYSTÈMES D’ÉVACUATION Afin d’optimiser le déchargement et le transport des marcs des pressoirs pneumatiques, on a prévu des systèmes d’évacuation à bande (PVC et inox) ou à vis sans fin, étudiés et dimensionnés en fonction des exigences spécifiques du client. SISTEMAS DE EVACUACIÓN Para optimizar la descarga y el alejamiento del orujo de las prensas neumáticas,...

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Pneumatic presses with central membranes - 11

SUPPORTING FRAMES Stainless and carbon steel supporting frames are designed to suit to each customer’s particular needs and, where necessary, completed with appropriate service gangways and ladders to enable the construction of functional and long-lasting assemblies. HANDLING SYSTEMS Depending on the customer’s needs, press handling systems can be provided on motor-driven wheels and rails, thus completing the manufacturer’s all-round service. CHÂSSIS DE SUPPORT Les châssis de support en acier inox et en fer sont étudiés selon les exigences spécifiques du client. Lorsque cela est nécessaire,...

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