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Maceration is one of the most important and delicate stages in the preparation of red wines and a crucial moment in the whole production process. The chromatic and sensory features of a red wine, its structure and harmonious composition all begin to take shape during this particular stage. The numerous components that have a role in winemaking are variously distributed in the grape and the most important are contained in the solids (the grape skins and pips). It takes a complicated extraction process to transfer the substances contained in the grape into the liquid phase - the must - and...

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1_The polyphenols and aromatic substances contained in the pomace dissolve more readily if the liquid inside the cap is continuously recirculated. The concentration of the polyphenol compounds in the liquid phase in which the cap is steeped gradually increases and tends to reach a saturation point so the transfer of the compounds that you want to draw from the grape skins into the liquid tends to gradually slow down, and even stop altogether. By using a CASCADE PUMPING OVER method, the saturated liquid is effectively replaced with other, less concentrated liquid drawn from the lower part of...

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tank to the upper tank. The must builds up inside the upper tank while the central pneumatic plate valve is kept closed, until the tank is more or less full (depending on the settings used to establish the intensity of the cascade effect). With the subsequent automatic opening of the valve, the must that has accumulated in the top tank is discharged and falls back into the bottom tank. The flow rate of the must being discharged is very high, generating a powerful jet of PUMPING OVER PHASES Multisteep is a system patented by Gimar for controlling the opening and closing of the central plate...

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The wine breathes... colorful and delicious ROLOI HOifDlO' '311 iCt 10tOOKYpLUS 10101001101l HOJCYCONTRiC ‘ Vital breath for great wines The OXYCONTROL is a patented Gimar system installed on the pumping over pipeline. It consists of an internal suction device and a motor-driven valve that is operated from the control panel to enable the aeration of the must. OXYPLUS is a device patented by Gimar comprising a motor-driven three-way valve installed on the pumping-over pipeline with a recirculating pipe and a supplementary motor-driven valve operated from the control panel for enriching the...

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The Densimatic is a system patented by Gimar and consisting of an electronic sensor installed on the wall of the vinifier, which is managed by dedicated software implemented in the control board. The temperature regulating function Gimar. This structural solution offers undeniable advantages in terms of functionality and reliability. solution that enables the inside surface of the vinifier to be kept smooth and unobstructed, consequently avoiding any sanitization problems. The thermal exchange fluid inside the coils can reach high speeds and is obliged at the same time to flow along a...

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Winemaking with an eye on the future Creating great wines without ever losing control PUMP-OVER PUMP The PUMP-OVER PUMP installed in the Selector vinifier is a vortex pump made entirely from a stainless steel casting, based on a project developed in-house by Gimar. The pump has an open impeller, completely withdrawn in relation to the corkscrew body. The body of the pump is in the shape of a spiral with a wide cross-section for the passage of the flow. Gimar produces its PUMP-OVER PUMP in three different sizes, so that it can fit every model in the whole range of Selector vinifiers with a...

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Total programming and control Elimatic is a new automation system comprising a communications network implemented by means of a cable connection between a remote PC and the DIGIWINE or CONTROLWINE control panels installed on the tanks and vinifiers. The VINISUPERVISION program installed in the PC has been developed by Gimar to enable the monitoring of all the vinifiers and storage tanks at the winery. WINE PROCESS AUTOMATION enables an automatic remote management and control of all the activities involved in the vinification and other processes taking place at the winery. In the event of...

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The Elimatic system patented by Gimar consists of a special internal distributor with a rotating arm installed near the bottom of the vinifier and connected to the recirculation piping forming part of the Oxyplus circuit by means of a special revolving joint. The Cleanmatic is a system patented by Gimar. Installed inside the vinifiers, there is a self-triggered rotary washing sprayer head associated with the plate valve on the bottom of the upper storage tank. The sprayer is connected by means of a stainless steel flexible conduit to outside piping for supplying the washing fluid. Refined...

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Mechanical pomace extraction: effortless VfiVIVH & V I I . ‘ ■ . , fl | Vbfl Constant research in cooperation with universities and laboratories XTRACTORS The pomace EXTRACTOR is a mechanical device > consisting of a double blade revolving at low speed, located near the bottom of the vinifier. The mechanical structure comprises parts that come into contact with the product, made entirely of stainless steel, and obtained from solid castings and thick sheet. On the outside of the vinifier there is an assembly consisting of an electric motor and a sturdy reducer unit that governs the rotation...

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... and so is the ongoing search for perfection Alongside the vinifiers that lie at the heart of any winery's production process, Gimar offers various other types of equipment, accessories and systems designed to complete its winemaking range appropriately and enable all the activities involved to be completed easily and safely. STEPS AND LADDERS DETAILS AUGER Gimar manufactures corkscrew auger systems made entirely of stainless steel for discharging the pomace at the end of the maceration process. The auger consists of a shaped sheet metal channel, the top of which is closed and protected...

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