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DELIA TOFFOLA Fruit juice production lines DELIA TOFFOLA

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A technique allowing a microbiological stabilization of raw apple juice that prevents abnormal fermentation by adopting continuous cycles that do not require filter aids. The search for new techniques in the food industry that improve final product quality by optimizing the production cycle while reducing costs drives company interest towards processes with greater and greater automation that also ensure that all the uniqueness of the product’s territory of origin will be maintained intact. This is why Della Toffola offers its cross-flow filtration system with the exclusive use of ceramic,...

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Drain screens Pneumatic presses with central membrane for fruit juice production Unlike other types of presses, the membrane in Della Toffola's models is mounted on the drum axis and presses on its entire inside surface when inflated, not just half of it, thus doubling the dejuicing surface. 1) The dejuicing surface is doubled in relation to other presses with the same dimensions; 2) The total pressing time is dramatically cut by half. The pressing is carried out at a lower work pressure with fewer pressing and cake breaking phases, thus reducing handling to a minimum; 3) The product is...

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