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For Priamo “quality” isn’t just a word, but a goal to achieve on a daily basis. Consumption milk Soft and fresh cheeses Hard cheese Electronics and mechanics, materials and production cycles, the ability to listen and to provide a prompt response all contribute to ensuring a high quality standard that fully satisfies not only its customers, but also all those working at Priamo to keep it successful. Beer - Wine - Mineral water - Cider Beverage Fruit juices - Soft drink The attention paid to even the tiniest detail makes the firm severe with its suppliers and with itself, always striving to...

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CONSUMPTION MILK The choices of the partners that make up Della Toffola Group have always been oriented to the industrial and technological value they represent. Each one offers a high degree of specialization and expertise contributing integrated and innovative products and services. A Della Toffola Group consociate since 2011, Priamo Food Technologies manufactures machinery and systems (also in turnkey formula) for the dairy sector and the processing of mature and fresh cheeses, yoghurt, and other milk products. The company’s technologies are also widely applied in other processes in the...

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SOFT AND FRESH CHEESES MOZZARELLA AND FRESH PASTA FILATA METHOD HARD CHEESES Milk receiving and storage Milk heat treatments Milk heat treatments Salting cheese Coagulation vats Salting cheese Curd treatments Coagulation vats Washing systems and cip plants Curd treatments Milk receiving and storage MULTIPURPOSE COAGULATION VATS Depending on their type, these multipurpose coagulation vats enable various stages of cheese production to be completed. From curd coagulating to cutting, cooking, maturing, and unloading. The vats and all the other components are made of AISI 304 stainless steel and...

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FRUIT JUICES SOFT DRINKS Complete Systems Complete Systems The experience acquired and the acquisition of leading companies in the sector has enabled Della Toffola Group to expand its production to offer also the food-processing and beverage industry with avant-garde solutions. Its complete offer of equipment ranges from filters to refrigeration systems, from conversion processes to storage systems and packaging. The industrial sectors that benefit most include syrups, beer, fruit juice, vinegar, spirits,water, oil, honey, milk, and any other liquid food. All the systems designed and...

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CIDER - WINE Complete systems Premix systems BEER PASTEURIZING UNITS These beer pasteurizing units are suitable for use in the beer-making and beverage sectors. They are simple and practical to use and the materials and components meet high quality standards, compliant with current standards. The systems are designed for the pasteurization of beer in order to extend the product’s shelf life without losing any of its distinctive organoleptic features. The pasteurizers are made of stainless steel. They may be automatic or semiautomatic and they are fitted with a system of probes that enable...

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Priamo Food Technologies Srl Viale delle Industrie, 1 31040 Nervesa della Battaglia (TV) - Italy Tel. +39 0422 9617 - Fax +39 0422 440134 -

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