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Crossflow filters for beer


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Crossflow filters for beer - 1

High quality of the filtered product Guaranteed filtered product organoleptic stability - Lowest as possible DO pick up Minimum OPEX and cleaning costs – Waste-free production Low environmental impact and energy savings Improvement of workplace and operator safety Automation of the filter process – No supervision is required Possible to run the filter remotly Inlet beer Outlet beer Ceramic membranes Very Low DO pick up CFK-B Models from 20 m2 to 680 m2 of filtering surface area Modular systems of larger size available on reques

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Crossflow filters for beer - 2

CFK–B crossflow filters with ceramic membranes for beer Experience in ceramic membrane crossflow filtration has led Della Toffola to the development of its new CFK-B series filters designed to filter beer for small, mid-sized and big breweries. Della Toffola CFK-B filters are suited for use with all types of beer, even those with special characteristics and hard to filter. Excellent organoleptic stability and exceptional high clarity of the filtered product are ensured. CFK-B crossflow filters enable the optimization of every filtration cycle, production with minimal loss, the lowest...

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