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16. The Bottling and Packaging Division 16. División de embotellado y embalaje 18. División láctea y quesera 20. The Water Treatment, Chemicals, and Pharmaceutical Division 20. División de tratamiento del agua, química y farmacéutica

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Della Toffola Group is a world leader in the design and construction of technologically advanced solutions for every step in the winemaking process. This vocation is matched by the corresponding expertise and success of its Food and Beverages, Bottling and Packaging, Dairy, and Water Treatment, Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Divisions. El Grupo Della Toffola es líder mundial en el planeamiento y la realización de soluciones tecnológicamente avanzadas para la totalidad del proceso de producción en el sector enológico. Junto a esa especialización se ocupa, con la misma competencia y el mismo...

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Experience as the basis of knowledge La experiencia es el comienzo del conocimiento Giacomo Della Toffola founded the company in the 1960s for the production of the first vertical stainless steel presses and crushers. Steady growth was distinguished by both the constant expansion of the productive range and market penetration, and exports soon accounted for 50% of the turnover. Giacomo’s sons Vittorio, Francesco and Luciano entered the business and brought Della Toffola to international acclaim as one of the world’s leaders in the sector by continuous technological innovation over the...

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The Della Toffola Family has proven capable of sharing and fulfilling a dream, transforming a modest mechanical workshop into a multinational corporation where everyone works to the best of their skills and abilities. Una familia ha compartido un sueño y ha transformado un pequeño taller en una empresa multinacional, donde todos c

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m SIRIO RLIBGRT1 DELLA TOFFOLA A world leader in the wine-making industry, DELLA TOFFOLA designs and produces complete wineries, covering all activities from grape harvesting to crushing, from pneumatic pressing to filtering, from storage and chilling right up to bottling and packaging. Della Toffola also provides technologically-advanced solutions for the beverages sector (juices, beer, soft drinks, etc.) and for water treatment systems. DELLA TOFFOLA, lider mundial en el sector enologico, disena y realiza bodegas completas: desde las maquinas para la vendimia, hasta las estrujadoras;...

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0 GIMAR DELIA TOfFOtA DELLA TOFFOLA DTINOX GIMAR is specialized in winemaking and storage systems that have been greeted with highest esteem by clients in Italy and abroad. Focusing on research and the pursuit of innovative systems, the company has been developing (and patenting) its own winemaking machinery since its foundation in 1966. GIMAR propone sistemas de almacenamiento e instalaciones para la vinificacion, cuya validez ha sido siempre reconocida por los clientes tanto italianos como extranjeros. Concentrandose en la busqueda de sistemas innovadores, la empresa ha realizado y...

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EUROPEAN UNION _ ALGERIA _ ARGENTINA _ AUSTRALIA _ BRAZIL _ BULGARIA _ ROMANIA _ CANADA _ CHILE _ CHINA _ CZECH REPUBLIC _ HUNGARY _ JAPAN _ INDIA _ INDONESIA _ IS A worldwide network serves the client Una red mundial al servicio del cliente

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The Winemaking Division División de enología Developments in winemaking methods in the last few decades have focused increasingly on obtaining ever more rational production cycles. But these goals must always be reached by paying the utmost attention to respecting and exalting the qualities of the processed product. Della Toffola Group’s modern technological solutions can prove extremely useful in achieving these goals. Great attention has been paid to monitoring the operating economics of the various technologies involved, from receiving and storing the grapes to filtering and stabilizing...

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DELLA TOFFOLA • Receving grapes • Grapes processing • Crushing • Vinification • Pressing • Flottation • Must enrichment • Fermenting • Sparkling process • Refrigeration • Filtering • Pumps • Stabilizing • Thermovinification • Recepcion de los racimos • Procesado de los racimos • Pisado • Vinificacion • Prensado • Flotacion • Enriquecimiento del mosto • Fermentacion • Proceso de gasificacion • Refrigeracion • Filtracion • Bombas • Estabilizacion • Termovinificacion SIRIO RUBGRTI PULA TOFFOLA • Pressure tanks DELLA TOFFOLA WUF/ SEPABTECH • Reverse osmosis • Filtering Osmosis inversa...

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The Beverages Division División de bebidas The experience acquired and the acquisition of leading companies in the sector has enabled Della Toffola Group to expand its production to offer also the food-processing and beverage industry with avant-garde solutions. Its complete offer of equipment ranges from filters to refrigeration systems, from conversion processes to storage systems and packaging. The industrial sectors that benefit most include syrups, beer, fruit juice, vinegar, spirits, water, oil, honey, milk, and any other liquid food. All the systems designed and constructed by Group...

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DELLA TOFFOLA mjjjM onur, • Bottling and Packaging • Machines and Sistems • Embotellado y envasado • Maquinas y sistemas azucaradas y cerveza Enfriamiento Concentration • Filters for sugar solution and beer • Colling • Concentrating • Filtros para soluciones Labelling and Capping machines Etiquetado y maquinas capsuladoras • Roll-Fed labelling machines • Maquinas etiquetadoras Roll-Fed Prkofio FOOD TECHNOLOGIES DELIA TOFFOtA • Milk and cheese processing equipment • Equipos de procesado para leche y quesos

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