Green Ship Waste Compactors Detailed Product Spec - 8 Pages

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Green Ship Waste Compactors Detailed Product Spec

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Norway 16.10.2008 Dear Sirs, Please see information regarding Deliteks ғGreen Ship product range below. For your information, the Delitek waste compactors are meant operated with the included container alone, but more extra containers can be added later. This is an easy and cost effective way to increase the capacity and obtain source segregation of waste according to MARPOL guidelines. The spare containers are fitted with lids/ covers. The system can later also be expanded with oil filter compactor, glass-crusher or bale compactor in order to build up a complete environmental solution...

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GENERAL INFORMATION FOR DELITEK GREEN SHIPӔWASTE COMPACTORS: The Delitek Green ShipӔwaste compactors are specially designed for use onboard ships and offshore installations. All products manufactured by Delitek AS are DnV certified (Det Norske Veritas) and produced in stainless steel, to ensure trouble free operation and long lifetime - even if they are placed outside / on open deck. The DT-500 & 1500 Green ShipӔ waste compactor models are designed for compaction of mixed consumer waste such as tins, plastic, rags, food-waste etc - in compliance with the regulations given in MARPOL 73/78...

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The Delitek DT-500mkII and DT-1500mkII Green ShipӔmarine waste compactors are designed to withstand even the most severe weather conditions. Both waste compactor and the following container are produced in stainless steel to ensure low operation costs and long lifetime, and they can easily be placed outdoors/ on open deck. The Delitek Green ShipӔwaste compactors are perfectly suited for use on board all kinds of ships and offshore installations. Both waste compactor models make use of a Big-bag system that makes the waste handling very flexible and easy. A waste handling system based upon a...

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The Delitek DT-1000B and DT-1500B Green ShipӔ bale compactors are stainless steel balers for packaging of waste such as paper, carton and PVC-materials. Cardboard boxes and other kinds of recyclable materials take up much unnecessary space and give high costs for waste management. Both models have a large loading hatch that makes it easy to deploy the waste without time-consuming pre-cutting. The outcome from the bale compactors is a strapped bale that is ready for delivery. It is the operator that determines the final size of the bale. The bale compactors from Delitek AS share the same...

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The Delitek DT-500GC is a newly developed glass-crusher from Delitek AS, based around the DT-500mkII waste compactor design. The glass-crusher is meant for destruction of different types of glass bottles. The crushed glass is collected into Big-bagsӔ inside the container, which makes it very easy to transport and handle the outcome from the glass crusher. When the Big bagӔ is full, the container can be rolled out of the glass crusher and the Big-bagӔ can be lifted/ hoisted out and replaced with a new one. The outcome from the glass-crusher is small fragments of crushed glass that can be...

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The Delitek DT-120s oil-filter and bucket compactor is developed on basis on a new set of regulations regarding treatment and the duty to deliver waste on shore (EU-directive 2000/59/EC). The directive covers regulations for treatment of waste for all kinds of vessels, except for leisure boats. This compactor requires only a minimum of space and can de placed almost anywhere onboard. Because it is produced in stainless steel it is not limited to be placed indoors. The oil filter and bucket compactor is a powerful hydraulic compactor that drain off oil filters or buckets completely. The oil...

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The Delitek DT-2000 stainless steel industry compactor is a very good alternative where the waste can be delivered directly to the garbage trucks - and it is an ideal solution for companies who have regular collection routines from renovation companies. Both compactor and container are produced in stainless steel to ensure low operation costs and long lifetime, and they can easily be placed outdoors. The Delitek DT-2000 is on first sight very similar to the DT-1500mkII waste compactor. The main difference is that the DT-2000 is equipped with a special container, which accommodates with the...

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