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Z32 Programming Depliant - 2

PROGRAMMING: Maximum degree of freedom The key point of the CNC Z32 is its "open system" philosophy. "Open" means that it offers a broad choice of CN functions that allow a perfect matching to different applications through Front-End personalization and through a very powerful integrated PLC. The Z32 offers, as an unique solution, fully digital, the CN system joined with I/O's and drive system. A SINGLE SYSTEM FOR MANY APPLICA TIONS Z32 offers an integrated solution that allows maximum efficiency. The same electronic modules are well suited for many different types of Machine-Tools: for...

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Z32 Programming Depliant - 3

Z32 connects easily with a Ethernet TCP/IP cable. It is only necessary to connect a net-cable to the Z32 and define few settings for connecting the production machine on-line, so that a sure and affordable data-exchange will be available between the programming office and the machine tool: CMC part-programs transfer, management and filing DNC part-program execution, from local hard disk or from networl Remote supervision Tools-room and tools-data management T eleservice Transfer speed tip to WOO times higher than serial protocol RS232 Teleservice is a connection between the service centre...

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Z32 Programming Depliant - 4

Up to 50 “global” origins are available for each axis and up to 50 “local” origins for each part-program. The following operations on the origins are executable from part-program: ■ Activating ■ Modifying and arithmetic operations The information’s about the tool (Radius, Length, Residual life, Replacing tool ...) are contained in a parametric table. Conditional and Unconditional Jumps Jumps (conditional and unconditional) are allowed inside a part-program, as well as sub-program calls. Conditions for jump may be defined through an arithmetic expression. PARAMETRIC PROGRAMMING...

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Z32 Programming Depliant - 5

The language integrated in the Z-Flash (optional) is a powerful language with the target of programming plane profiles. It implements a geometry with entities and graphic interactivity, so that the most complex profiles may be programmed easily and free from errors. The base strategy of Z-Flash is to implement a systematic introduction of a new profile element with an simple, uniform and repetitive procedure: 1) the operator "thinks" a description of the geometrical element 2) the operator introduces the description by pressing few keys 3) Z-Flash reacts to the key pressing by updating...

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Z32 Programming Depliant - 6

To allow complex machining at low cost, machine tools arc often equipped and used for 5 axes machining. When machining with 5 axes (machines equipped with three linear axes and two rotary axes) it is important to control the contact point of the tool with the piece. To generate a suited part-program, the CAD/CAM system must calculate points on the piece surface and angles for rotary axes (two axes rotary head, or two axes rotary table or a mix of the two). The option RTCP (Rotating Tool Centre Point) of Z32 allows real-time calculation of tool positions and rotary angles, so that the...

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Z32 Programming Depliant - 7

After a part-program lias been written, it is important to verify it before machining. Graphic Simulation The Graphic Simulation is given by an independent application that may run in parallel with the CNC. For this reason it is possible to simulate a part-program while the execution of another part-program is in progress. The graphic simulation provided by Z32 allows: ■ to simulate a part-program using the same software and the same physical settings of the machine ■ to visualize the tool path and, eventually, the radius compensation ■ to activate 2D or 3D views with autoscaling, zoom,...

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Z32 Programming Depliant - 8

Phase 4: executing The operator interface of the Z32 CNC, based on Windows XPE operating system, is designed to give the maximum of intuitiveness and to drastically reduce the need for a specific training. The man-machine interface is menu-structured and function keys may be activated by touch-screen. Menu's are tree-structured and provide the operator with the functionalities of the present activity only, so that programming and machine-management is easier. Execution Real Time Graphic The Z32 CNC's allow the tool-path visualization for the machining in progress. In the viewing area the...

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