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NUMERICAL CONTROL RELIABILITY AND ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: WINNING SCHEME - Milling turning grinding - Multi-process-6 processes-32 axes - High speed and nanometric superfinishing - 11.000 blocks Look ahead, 200 blocks - Open to "Tailor-made’’ applications Z32WRT Compact Windows Real Time Axes and Spindles Motors Digital Drives D.ELECTRON D. ELECTRON srl - Via Reginaldo Giuliani 140 - 50141 Florence - Italy - Ph. +39 055 416927 - Fax +39 055 434220 - delectron@delectron.it

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Common and important characteristic of all the Z32 Numerical Controls is the PC-based architecture, born in 1991. It allows a component standardization over all models, with rational and easy use. Z32 (all models) has a modular structure, this allows optimized configurations that respond to the application's needs. WRT (Windows Real Time) allows to realize a very thin console, connecting the Embedded with the remote video terminal OrP 15/T. It is the same as the Z32WRTCompact, where the EmbeddedWRT is joined to the video terminal. PC Console PCW/T Is the console PC with the modern Touch...

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"Peripheral units" are all the devices connected to the Z32 Central Unit with the serial optical-fibre "Z-Link" field-bus. Z-Link uses a D.Electron proprietary communication protocol with a baud rate of 4Mbit/s. With its data transmission speed and its transmission protocol efficiency, the Z-Link bus can manage a great number of peripheral units. In addition to the PLC inputs and outputs, the synchronous protocol permits the transmission of critical signals like transduced positions, and references for analogical drives. This optical-fibre link, immune to any electrical noise, conforms to...

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incremental position measuring system also when machine is OFE mis eliminates the need for the Remote Handwheel D831 • Portable handwheel, with spiralled cable 3 meters long (extensible up to 20 m max), with handle and plastic holder. Offers to the operator the maximum security • The handwheel generates 100 pulses per revolution, with mechanical feedback. 5V Line Driver Signal • Emergency pushbutton with double contacts • Scale factor selector xl, xl 0, xlOO • Axis selector X, Y, Z, IV, V • "Dead man" pushbutton • 2 configurable pushbuttons dedicated to the machine tool manufacturer Panel...

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The Z-STAR peripherals fit in the Z-BOX case that gives them mechanical and electrical (motherboard) support. The first board (CPS) in the box is for power supply and communication interface. The "Z-STAR" serial protocol is D.Electron proprietary and shows a 16Mbit/transfer rate. Each Z-Box contains a maximum of 8 Z-STAR peripherals (not considering the power supply / interface board). The Z-STAR peripherals receive the signals of motor transducers and position transducers of the machine (ENC. ENC/S or ENC/Q boards) and drive the power modules (PWM boards). A "Z-STAR'Hine can be connected...

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with permanents magnets for axes BLQ series MAIN FEATURES The BLQ series of permanent magnets Brushless Motors originates from the even more demanding requirements of Machine-Tool, that need higher and higher performances, smoothness at low speed, reliability and absence of service. This series of servomotors uses the last-generation magnets (Neodymium-lron-Boron) and adopts technical solutions that ensure: • Sinusoidal back EMF • Interchangeability with other commercially available units • Reduced inertia, that is high accelerations and decelerations • High overload capability • Low torque...

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ASYNCRONOUS INDUCTION MOTORS for spindles MA series_ MAIN FEATURES These induction motors exhibit small dimensions, comparable of DC motors. They are intended for high-performance applications at variable-speed and are optimized for vector controlled inverter. The optimum mechanical and electro-magnetic design allow speeds up to 9000 RPM at constant power. The efficient external cooling with auxiliary fan allows small dimensions and high torques at low rotating speed. N1: base defluxing speed constant Torque/Power N2: maximum speed at constant power N3: absolute maximum speed Transducers...

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Braking resistor When using the SA 20/40/80power modules it is always necessary to use an external braking resistor. D.Electron provides two size of dissipating resistors, 1100W and 2200W in protected execution with thermostat. These resistors discharges the DC Bus when the motors are braking converting the braking energy in heat. Electrical Mains Filters The electrical mains filters limit the electrical noise (due to the converters connected to the network) to low values in conformity with the EMC norms about industrial environment. The filters also attenuate the possible resonances...

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