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Windows Real-Time The informations contained herein have been carefully checked for accuracy, however, D.Electron accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any inaccuracy. D.Electron reserves the right to carry out without advice whatever changes It considers expedient to improve the performaces D.ELECTRON srl - Via Reginaldo Giuliani 140 - 50141 Rrenre - Tel. +39 055 416927 - Fax +39 055 434220 - delectron@delectron.it Ethernet Real Time CNC Master Lihk • 32 Digital + 16 Analog Axes High-Speed Machining Milling - Turning - Grinding - Plasma - Laser Easy part-program programming Integrated Digital Drive System Power Module Power Supply

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Z32 CNC FlorenZ Series - FlorenZ architecture - 2

of ttie Z32 Windows Real-Time control installed with success on thousands of applications: milling, turning, grinding, plasma and laser cutting machines. Less components and small dimensions => +easy +reliable CNC Z32 FlorenZ ■& => -(-safe +stal \ +cost e CENTRAL UNIT The Central Ijnit (the CNC) of the Z32 FlorenZ series comes in two versions: - Z32E; Embedded version, small-sized. In this configuration, the Front-End PC Js connected with the Z32E with a standard LAN (TCP/IP) connection. - Z32C15: Compact version, with IS" video terminal, complete alphanumeric keyboard and machine keyboard...

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