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Z-Star2 400Vac digital drives, entirely designed by D.Electron, enhance Z32 CNC with a thoroughly integrated servodrive system: - Optical fiber data connection - Up to 200Arms/S1 (120Kw) - Suitable for brushless, linear, torque and spindle motors - Supported transducers: Resolver, TTL, SinCos, EnDat, BiSS - No need of any configuration procedure: settings and updates are automatically and completely managed by the Z32 CNC central unit Power supply with braking resistor Directly connected to 400Vac 3-phase mains Three sizes available: 20A/11kW, 40A/22kW, 80A/44kW (S1 continuous operation) Generates the 560Vdc DC bus Braking energy dissipated on external braking resistor A 3-phase filter is needed between mains and power supply 11kW Regenerative Power Supply Regenerative power supplies are composed of two modules UR: Regenerative unit SR: Power unit Directly connected to 400Vac 3-phase mains Various sizes available: from 30A/30kW to 200A/120kW (S1 continuous operation) Generates 630Vdc DC bus 3-phase filter and impedance coils are needed between mains and power supply Regenerative Power Supply 48 kW SPSEvo Power Modules Connected to DC bus 520-630 Vdc Sizes available: from 5A to 200A rms (S1 continuous operation) Two transducer inputs on each module: one for motor transducer, one for optional position transducer Any Z-Star2 power module can be completely software configured to drive any supported motor (brushless, linear, torque, spindle, ...) STO safety function Double transducer input (motor + position) Supported transducers: SinCos, TTL, EnDat, BiSS, Resolver. The transducer type is software configured, can be changed in any moment and doesn’t need any hardware modification Supported motors: - Sinusoidal Brushless motors for AXES - Linear motors for AXES - Torque motors for AXES - Induction motors for SPINDLES and ELECTROSPINDLES - Field-weakening synchronous motors for ELECTROSPINDLES

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Z-Star2 drives and power supplies technical specification SASEvo: Power Supply with braking resistor D.ELECTRON srl - Via Reginaldo Giuliani 140 - 50141 Firenze - Tel. +39 055 416927 - Fax +39 055 434220 - delectron@delectron.it

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