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RCT touch-screen handwheel is a portable console with easy interface and color touch screen video that simplifies operations like: Workpiece alignment, workpiece origin and fixture setup Manual mode milling Probing specific piece coordinates, etc. Communication between the RCT and the Z32 CNC is based on the reliable Z-Link fieldbus, designed by D.Electron Color 3,5” Touch Screen video Plastic housing IP64 protection 2 potentiometers for Feed and Speed overrides Double contact emergency button Two levels safety button 9 physical keys with LEDs: START, STOP, JOG+, JOG-, RESET, AXES HOLD, K1, K2, K3 Electronic handwheel with optical encoder 100 pulses/turn, Line Driver Spiraled cable with bayonet connector Wall fixture support and spare connector for emergency bypass The housing is designed for ease of use and great comfort. The included magnetic clamping allows quick and safe RCT attachment even on vertical metal walls. The spiraled cable can reach, once extended, the length of 10m. Advanced operations are available through intuitive touch-screen interface. IP Protection: Operating Temp. Range: Supply Voltage: All information contained herein have been accurately checked to be exact and reliable, however D.Electron doesn’t assume any responsibility for possible inaccuracies. D.Electron reserves the right to make all modifications necessary to improve the performance and reliability of its products. DEP1510_RCT_ITEN October 2015 RCT TOUCH-SCREEN PORTABLE HANDWHEEL D.ELECTRON srl - Via Reginaldo Giuliani 140 - 50141 Firenze - Tel. +39 055 416927 - Fax +39 055 434220 - delectron@delectron

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