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Add: No. 10, Min Wang Road, Jingbin Industrail Park, Wuqing District, Tianjin, China, 301712 DAYU E-catalog Water saving irrigation industry chain integration service provider 大禹节水集团股份有限公司 DAYU

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Make the Agricultural Smarter Make the Countryside Better Make the Farmer Happier

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About DAYU DAYU manufacturing As the most basic part of Dayu Irrigation Group, Dayu manufacturing is engaged in the production of water-saving irrigation products of nearly 1500 varieties in more than 30 series of 9 categories, including drip irrigation pipe (tape), sprinkler irrigation equipment, filtration equipment, fertilization equipment, water transmission and distribution pipe materials and pipe fittings. The annual output of drip irrigation pipes (tape) is 5 billion meters, 200000 tons of pipe materials, 1000 tons of pipe fittings, 20000 sets of fertilization, filtration and...

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Contact: INTERNAL INLAY DRIPLINES 内镶贴片式滴灌带(管) 新一代滴灌产品,由內镶圆柱式滴灌带发展而来,是一种经济微灌产品, 适应了精确农业和SDI发展的要求。 It is a new generation of drip irrigation products, developed from the driplines with the cylindrical dripper inside. It is an economical micro-irrigation product, adapting to the developing requirements of precise agriculture and SDI. High precision process Quality assurance 技术参数 TECHNICAL PARAMETERS

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Contact: Contact: Dripper Spacing 滴头间距 (mm) Nominal Flowrate 额定流量 (L/h) Exponent 流态指数 Flow Rate Variation 流量变化率 1.2 * 其它非常规规格内镶贴片式滴灌带需定制,请联系 * Other unconventional specifications of inlaid drip irrigation tape need to be customized please contact Dripper Flowrate 滴头流量 (L/h) Dripper Spacing 滴头间距(mm)/Length Run 铺设长度(m) 常规滴头 Conventional dripper Lightweight dripper 产品特点 Product characteristics 质量性能稳定、流量均匀 Stable performance, uniform flow

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Contact: Contact: DOUBLE HOLE DRIPLINES LABYRINTH TYPE DRIPLINES 单翼迷宫滴灌带 技术参数 TECHNICAL PARAMETERS Product characteristics Double channel 采用双流道双出水孔滴头的薄壁滴灌带 Thin wall drip irrigation tape with double channel and double outlet dripper The irrigation speed is fast and the flow is uniform, which can effectivel increase the surface irrigation area The double hole effluent greatly improves the anti clogging ability of drip irrigation tape, and meets the different flow requirements from seedling stage to mature stage Dripper Spacing 滴头间距 (mm)...

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Contact: BURIED DRIPLINES 地埋滴灌管 技术参数 TECHNICAL PARAMETERS Contact: 产品特点 Product characteristics 采用舌型滴孔,有效防虹吸堵塞 Tongue shaped drip hole is adopted to effectively prevent siphon blockage The high mesh number of filter holes can effectively prevent the flow channel blockage of the emitter Excellent internal flow field, effectively improve the self-cleaning me

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Contact: Contact: PRESSURE COMPENSATING DRIPLINES TECHNICAL PARAMETERS Dripper Spacing 滴头间距 (mm) 产品特点 迷宫内水道宽 Flow Rate Variation 流量变化率 Width of water channel in Labyrinth 适用于多种水源 Suitable for various water sources Excellent field performance under severe conditions 均衡流速的高性价比扁平PC滴头 Flat PC dripper with balanced flow rate and high cost performance 在严苛的现场条件和化学应用中仍经久耐用 Durable in harsh field conditions and chemical applications * 其它非常规规格压力补偿式滴灌带需定制,请联系

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Contact: Drip irrigation pipe tee Drip irrigation pipe Direct connection of drip irrigation pipe Drip irrigation pipe By pass of drip irrigation pipe By pass of drip irrigation pipe Branch pipe Branch pipe Installation diagram of drip irrigation pipe Product Name 产品名称 Pull ring bypass Pull ring direct Pull ring plug 工型胶圈 I-shaped rubber ring 滴灌配件 DRIP ACCESSORIES

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Contact: Product Name 产品名称 Direct lock Lock barb directly 锁扣外丝直接 Outer wire of lock Lock alligator bypass Lock elbow 锁扣堵头 Lock plug Product Name 产品名称 带用旁通阀门(带胶圈) Bypass valve with rubber ring Used to connect drip tape and PE pipe Latch bypass valve Used to connect drip tape and internal threaded pipe fittings Valve for Bell and spigot Used to connect drip tape and soft tape Multi function valve Multi function valve (with rubber ring) Used to connect drip tape and PE pipe Valve with external thread Used to connect drip tape and PE pipe Double side belt lock valve

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2. Wide range of pressure compensation and uniform flow, which can be applied to the slope or hilly area with large relief Contact: Contact: Product Name 产品名称 倒刺旁通 Barbed bypass Barbed direct 倒刺变径 Barb reducing 倒刺外丝直接 Barbed outer filament 倒刺弯头 Barbed elbow Product Name 产品名称 Used to connect the main pipe and PE pipe Pipe puncher 用于连接和修复PE管 Used to connect and repair PE pipe It is used to connect PE pipes with different diameters Used for connecting PE pipe and internal thread pipe fittings 倒刺堵头 Barbed plug 涂塑软管启动接头 Plastic coated hose starting...

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Contact: 06 the use of environmental protection materials, no pollution to water quality. 质 量 轻 搬, 运 方 便 施, 工 强 度 低 light weight,easy to transport,easy to install 流体阻力小 small fluid resistance long service life Strong anti-wear performance, anti-bite with good water tightness corrosion resista

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Contact: Contact: LOW PRESSURE PVC-U PIPE (IRRIGATION) PVC-U PIPE (FOR WATER SUPPLY) TECHNICAL PARAMETERS TECHNICAL PARAMETERS Suitable适用范围:Suitable for low pressure water delivery pipe irrigation, drip irrigation, Suitable适用范围:Suitable for the construction of the building or outdoor municipal drainage and other projects of the transmission and distribution network. 适用于低压输 engineering, drinking water projects and general purpose. 适用于建筑物内或室外埋地的市政工 Connection mode连接方式:Including the solvent type adhesive and elastic sealing ring Connection...

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Contact: Contact: 灌溉用PE管材 技术参数 TECHNICAL PARAMETERS Product ID产品编码:EI042502KK等 Nominal diameter公称外径:12mm-110mm Pressure rating承压等级:0.25Mpa、0.4Mpa、0.6Mpa Suitable适用范围:Medium and high pressure irrigation pipes used for underground parts of main pipes such as pipe irrigation, micro-sprinkler irrigation; low-pressure irrigation pipes can be applied for branch pipes of pipe irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation systes. 中高压灌 溉用管材用于管灌、微喷灌等主管道的地下部分;低压灌溉用管材用于管灌、喷灌、滴灌系统分支 管道部分。 Applicable temperature适用温度:0-45℃ Connection mode连接方式:It is mainly...

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