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DAV TECH SRL Via Ravizza, 30 36075 Montecchio Maggiore (VI) - ITALY Tel. 0039 0444 574510 Fax 0039 0444 574324 davtech@davtech.it www.davtech.it AVERAGE VISCOSITY OF SOME COMMONS FLUIDS Here is shown some average values about the viscosity of some common fluids.The viscosity is the value which describe the resistance of a fluid to move inside a tube. So it is very important to keep it in mind during the designing of a dispensing system. SILICONE AND LIQUID GASKETS GREASE EPOXY RESIN HONEY SILICONIC OIL THREAD LOCKERS FLUIDS MOTOR OIL CYANOACRYLIC GLUE WATER Cps Pa s GREASE DROP SIZE THAT IS POSSIBLE TO DISPENSE WITH DAV TECH METERING VALVES The DAV metering valves allow an accurate dispensing of grease and similar fluids. Each model has a different range, designed to overlap in part the smaller and the bigger one model. Obviously the metered amount can be divided in many points by using special nozzles etc. ø 28,44 ø 15,64 ø 7,26 ø 1,56 ø 3,36 We reserve the right to modify at any time, without notice, the specifications, dimensions and weights in this datasheet. The illustrations are not binding.

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