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FOLLLOWER PLATE PUMP PP200 Via Ravizza, 30 36075 Montecchio Maggiore (VI) - ITALY Tel. 0039 0444 574510 Fax 0039 0444 574324 The follower plate pump PP200 is made from a base on which is fitted a double pneumatic lift unit that raises and lowers the pump and the pressure plate. All the movements is controlled by a manual pneumatic valve on top of the pump. The pneumatic pump is available. 2 compression ratios, 30:1 and 65:1 (other upon request), and once fed with compressed air is able to suck and feed in pressure even very high viscosity products. The pressure plate is made following the size of the drum (avoiding leakage from the sides of itself), while the centering straps make the substitution of the drum simple and fast. The extremely robust structure makes it suitable for applications even in the harshest environments. The wheels carriage on which is mounted, allows easy movement when necessary. FIELDS OF APPLICATION: > High pressure feeding of grease, silicones and other high viscosity fluids from 200 ks drums FEATURES: > No need for decanting, the drum original is completely emptied > Simple, rugged and with wheels for easy moving > Follower plate customized for size of the drum > Available on request with acustic or eletric alarm for minimum level > Pressure reducing valves with gauge to regulate the pressure at the pump and to the lifting cylinders > Screwed spindle simply delete the air present above the level of the product Technical datas Type Max drum sizes Ratio Stroke Used fluids Air pressure Fluid outlet pressure Weight Air fitting inlet Fluid fitting outlet Options Pneumatic pump mounted on pneumatic hoist 200 Kg 30:1 (other upon request) 40 cc/cycle Grease, silicones and pasty products, also with high viscosity 1-8 bar 30-240 bar 105 Kg 1/2 gas 1/4 gas 3/8 gas 1/4 gas Low level alarm (electric or acustic) Stop pump system Filter Heating drum system We reserve the right to modify at any time, without notice, the specifications, dimensions and weights in this datasheet. The illustrations are not binding.

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