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DISPENSING NEEDLE VALVE DA 400 MINI PEEK DAV TECH SRL Via Ravizza, 30 36075 Montecchio Maggiore (VI) - ITALY Tel. 0039 0444 574510 Fax 0039 0444 574324 davtech@davtech.it www.davtech.it The DA 400 MINI PEEK valve use the high features of PEEK (Polyether-Ethere-Cheton) to dispense very small amount of anaerobic glues, reaching technical results that are impossible to achieve with traditional diaphragm valves. The accuracy and speed of the needle closing, the really fine possible tuning of the amount dispensed, the speed of the solenoid valve make possible single dosing under 1 mm3, with the highest precision, also at 10 dosing/second. FIELDS OF APPLICATION: — > Anaerobic fluid micro-dosing > Aggressive fluid micro-dosing FEATURES: > Parts in contact with the fluid completely in PEEK which is a non reactive material > Solenoid valve mounted on for a super fast opening and closing > Luer lock needle holder > Micrometric regulation for the finest tuning > Easy maintainance and cleaning. Model Operation mode Weight Max fluid pressure inlet Actuating air pressure Air inlet thread Fluid inlet thread Outlet thread Speed Adjusting the passage Used materials Fluids to be dispensed DA 400 MINI PEEK Double Acting 130 g Max 15 bar 5 bar M5 1/8 BSP Luer lock nozzle Up to 300 cycles / min Micrometric Stainless steel, PEEK, nickel plated brass Anaerobic Glue, Aggressive fluids

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NOZZLES FOR VALVOLA DA 400 MINI PEEK The valve DA 400 MINI PEEK is equipped with luer lock nozzle that can hold tapered tips, PTFE tips and any special designed nozzles. VALVE DA 400 MINI DRIVING The valve DA 400 MINI has a 5/2 solenoid valve mounted directly on board, and it is therefore sufficient to feed the power supply (24V) to the solenoid (which is always kept fed pneumatically to 6-7 bar) for controlling the dispensing. Valve configurations NOZZLES AVAILABLE Special versions available on request. Schema di Collegamento Connection diagram PRESSURIZED TANKS We reserve the right to...

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