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Industrial Data Communication Products > Description The LDM80 is a small, inexpensive fiber optic transmitter/receiver completelypowered by the host RS-232 port. The enclosure for the LDM80 is a conductiveshell which greatly reduces RF radiation and susceptibility. The rugged metalenclosure is small enough to mount on the back panel of typical computer equipment saving valuable desk and floor space. A pair of these units allowsmost RS-232C cable links to be replaced and extended with a duplex fiber opticcable. The normal 50-foot (15m) RS-232 limit may be extended to 2.2 miles (3.5 km). Fiber optic data communications provide complete EMI/RFI rejec-tion, isolation, elimination of ground loops, and reduced error rates. Datasecurity is enhanced by almost nonexistent electromagnetic emissions. TheRS-232 connection is through male or female EIA 25-pin connectors. The fiberoptic connection is through ST connectors.The LDM80 is equivalent to a 3-wire, full duplex, RS-232 circuit. Handshakesignals are locally connected as in Figure 1. Indicating LEDs come on duringa "SPACE" on transmit or receive data. A TD/RD reversing DIP switch isprovided for connection to DTE (Data Terminal Equipment) or DCE (Data Communication Equipment) ports. Features ?Data Rates to 19.2kbps at 2.2 Miles (3.5km)?17dB Optical Link Power Budget?Powered by RS-232 Host Port Signals?Full Duplex Asynchronous Operation?Indicating LEDs?DCE/DTE Switch ?Designed for FCC Class A Requirements?Complies with FCC Class A Requirements?Pinned or Socketed RS-232 Connectors?CE Compliant Figure 1: LDM80 Block Diagram

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