Analog Voltage Input Signal Conditioners, Narrow Bandwidth DSCL20-01


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Industrial Loop Isolators and Transmitters > Description Each DSCL20 loop powered isolator provides a single channel of analog signalprotection by electrically isolating its input from output for any DC processsignal in the range of 0-20mA (or 4-20mA). The DSCL20 operates passively, obtaining its power from the transmitted signal (see Figure 1).The input signal is chopped by a proprietary DC chopper circuit, isolation isprovided by transformer coupling, a proprietary technique is used to suppresstransmission of common mode spikes or surges, and the output signal fromthe secondary of the transformer is reconstructed to the original input signal. Features ?No Power Supply Required, Signal PoweredFrom 0-20mA (or 4-20mA) Input?Simplified Wiring, Easy to Install Plug-InAccessories?Small OEM Modular Package Ideal forPCB Mounting?I/O Packaging for Vertical or HorizontalMounting?500Vrms Transformer Isolation ?Prevents Ground-Loop Problems?Prevents the Transfer of Interference Voltagesand Currents?High Accuracy Over Full Span ?CE Compliant The compliance voltage or loop voltage must not exceed 17V, asthis may damage the module. Figure 1: DSCL20 Block Diagram

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Analog Voltage Input Signal Conditioners, Narrow Bandwidth DSCL20-01 - 2

Input Range0/4-20mAInput Current50mA max at 18V max CMV Input to Output500Vrms, 1 Minute Accuracy > (1) (at 100 ТĦ Load)0.05% Span Typicalѱ0.1% Span MaxLinearityIncluded in Accuracy Stability<50ppm/COvershoot<20 > е A (Typical 5 A)Compliance Voltage > բĦ Output Noise<20mV Peak-to-Peak (Typical <5mV)EnvironmentalWeight Approximately 1.5gHousing MaterialLexan 940 (UL 94 V-O) Shock Test50g (10 Shocks, 3 Axis) Operating Temp Range20ְC to +65CStorage Temp RangeЖ40C to +85аCRelative Humidity0 to 75% NoncondensingEmissionsEN50081-2 (Radiated, Conducted) ImmunityEN50082-2 (ESD, RF, EFT) > (2) (V >...

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