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Danfoss TUA/TUAE stainless steel thermostatic expansion valves feature solder inlet and outlet connections. By pairing one valve body with one of ten replaceable orifices, a contractor can satisfy applications from -40 °F to + 50 °F and up to 4 % tons capacity (see capacity chart for specifics). Product Selection 1. Select Valve Body Equalization All valves above have 3/s in. x % in. solder ODF connections and are designed for evaporator temperatures -40 °F to +50 °F (N charge). Other variations available, please contact your local Danfoss authorized wholesaler. 2. Select Orifice TUA/TUAE...

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Orifice size Nominal capacity of installed valve1 (tons) Code No. All capacity data is in accordance to ARI 750-2007. 1 Nominal capacity based on condensing temperature of 100 °F, a vapor free liquid temperature of 98 °F ahead of the expansion valve and an evaporator temperature of 40 °F. 2 Capacity based on condensing temperature of 95 °F and a vapor free liquid temperature of 85 °F ahead of the expansion valve. Food Retail Service Parts Catalog

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AKV and AKVH valves are pulse modulating electrically operated expansion valves. They feature a replaceable coil, wide range of coils for both DC and AC, quiet operation, energy efficient operation, and long valve life, and the ability to operate as both as expansion and solenoid valve. AKV valves are designed for R-744, R-22/R-407C, R-404A/R-507, R-410A, R-134a, R-407A, R-23, and other refrigerants and should be paired with standard BJ/BX coils (page 8). AKVH valves are designed for CO2 and should be paired with high MOPD (Maximum Operation Pressure Differential) BX/BJ coils (page 8). Food...

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EVR—Solenoid Valves EVR solenoid valves are direct- or servo-operated for liquid, suction, and hot gas lines. They are available in both normally closed (NC) and normally open (NO) versions and feature interchangeable AC and DC coils. In standard applications pair BJ/BX coils with EVR valves. These can be found on the next page. Danfoss Code No.1 with manual stem without manual stem NEW NEW 'Valve body is normally closed (NC) and excludes coil. Additional code nos. available in Coolselector® or contact Danfoss Seal kit: (5) O-rings, (2) Al. gaskets, gaskets EVR 40 042H0160 Food...

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BJ/BX coils are designed to be used with Danfoss electric expansion and solenoid valves. They offer easy mounting and dismounting and high-reliability. EVR solenoid valves and AKV electric expansion valves should be paired with standard BJ/BX coils while AKVH electronic expansion valves for high pressure refrigerants should be paired with high MOPD BJ/BX coils. Standard Coil

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GBC ball valves are manually operated shut-off valves suitable for bi-directional flow. They can be used in liquid, suction and hot gas lines. Features include: ball status indicator on spindle top, laser welded construction, burst-proof spindle design, holes for panel mounting. GBC H ball valves have been designed and tested to meet the high pressure requirements of CO2. Danfoss Type GBC 6s H GBC 10s H GBC 12sH GBC 16s H GBC 18s H GBC 22s H Danfoss Type Danfoss sight glasses indicate the presence of moisture in refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Food Retail Service Parts Catalog

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Danfoss filter driers function as simple drop-in replacements for most driers sold in the aftermarket or installed on equipment by manufacturers. All Danfoss filter driers are constructed with a solid core design to maximize moisture removal while minimizing pressure drop. DC cores and DCL filter driers include both moisture and acid adsorption properties. DM cores and DML filter driers only include moisture adsorption properties. Danfoss recommends the use of DC cores and DCL filter driers for standard liquid line aftermarket applications and DM cores and DML filter driers when acid...

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Dryingcapacity Liquid Danfoss Connection Max. working 20 °F 75 °F capacity Danfoss Type in. pressure (psig) iCode No. Water (g) Ref. (Kg) Water (drops) Water (g) Ref. (Kg) Water (drops) Tons Danfoss Type Material Danfoss Code No. 1 Oversize connections 2 Ap = the minimum pressure at which the valve is completely open 3 The Cv valve is the flow of water in (gal/min) at a pressure drop across valve of 14.5 psig. p = 2205 lbs./G Food Retail Service Parts Catalog

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KPU—Temperature Switches These temperature controls are specifically designed for the North American aftermarket and function as easy and direct replacements for most controls on the market. The KPU 60/70 temperature controls feature snap-action switches, highly visible contrast scales, fingertip tests, and are easily adjustable using a standard refrigeration wrench. The KPU 19 temperature controls are designed for easy installation and service with bottom and rear knockouts, differential adjustment dial, a tamper-resistant design, and a robust thermoplastic housing. Food Retail Service...

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KPU pressure switches are designed to be contractor friendly and used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems to protect the systems from excessively low suction or too high discharge pressure. They can also be applied to start and stop compressors and the fans of air-cooled condensers. KPU pressure switches, in single and dual versions, cover a comprehensive range of applications and are designed for use with fluorinated and non-aggressive refrigerants. Most KPU pressure controls can be used with R-410A systems. Danfoss Contract Range Differential working Competitor Pressure...

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KVS—Electronic Evaporator Regulators KVS electrically operation evaporator pressure regulator valves modulate refrigerant flow in the evaporator. These valves must be paired with a current or voltage driver. The balanced design provides bi-flow operation as well as solenoid shut-off function in both flow directions. KVS is compatible with R-410A, R-407C, R-134a, R-507, R-22, and other refrigerants. CCM Spare Parts and Accessories AST-G Service Driver: used to manually open or close valve 034G0013 Cable filter for long wire runs (in excess of 32 ft.). Permits wire runs of up to 328 ft....

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