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Data Sheet Pressure Transmitter Type MBS 9200 For industrial applications Compact pressure transmitter program, MBS 9200 gauge verson is designed for use in industrial applications e.g. crankcase and turbocharger on industrial engines, filters monitoring as well as applications within level measurement. The program covers 4 – 20 mA output signal or ratiometric 10-90% of supply output signals and with pressure span from 40 – 400 mbar as well as bidirectional ranges. Excellent vibration stability, robust construction, and a high degree of EMC / EMI protection equip the pressure transmitter to meet the most stringent industrial requirements. Features • Compact design • Full scale span from 40 – 400 mbar bidirectional ranges available e.g. -70 – 70 mbar etc. (lowest zero point – 150 mbar) • Digital temperature compensated • Output signal: 4 – 20 mA or ratiometric 1090% of supply • Excellent shock and vibration robustness • Reverse polarity protection • With build-in clipping function and selfdiagnostic on request • Reverse output on request • Enclosure and wetted parts of stainless steel (AISI 316L) • Customer specific versions on request • For use in Zone 2 explosive atmo

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Pressure transmitter, type MBS 9200 Applications Recommended mounting position Figure 1: Mounting position Error due to different mounting than recommended can be eliminated by zeroing in user hardware See mounting position error for 180° rotation In table 1 Product specification Technical specifications Table 1: Performance (EN 60770) Description Value range Full-scale span (FSS) Full-Scale Span (FSS) is the difference between the upper limit and the lower limit of the pressure range. (e.g. for pressure range -30 – 30 mbar, FSS = 60 mbar.) Accuracy @ 25 °C (incl. non-linearity, hysteresis...

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Pressure transmitter, type MBS 9200 15.9 mm-pp, 2 Hz – 25 Hz Vibration stability Free fall Shock resistance Enclosure (depending on electrical connection) Table 4: Explosive atmospheres Zone 2 applications(1) When used in ATEX Zone 2 areas at low temperatures the cable and plug must be protected against impact. Table 5: Mechanical specifications Net weight Electrical connector Pressure connection Materials, wetted parts Type of Connections Table 6: Type of Connections Type code: Electrical connection Ø Type code: Pressure connection Recommended torque © Danfoss | Climate Solutions | 2021.03

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Pressure transmitter, type MBS 9200 Electrical connection Table 7: Electrical connection Type code Enclosure Materials Electrical connection 4-20 mA (2 wire) Electrical connection Ratiometric 10-90% supply Glass filled polyamid, PA 6.6 Glass filled polyester Cable screened, PolyPBT (Black) olefin 2 m Sn plated pins Glass filled polyester PBT (Grey) Au plated pins Pin 1: + supply Pin 2: - supply Pin 3: Not used Earth: Connected to transmitter enclosure Brown wire: + supply Black wire: ÷ supply Red wire: not used Orange: not used Screen: not connected to MBS enclosure Pin 1: + Supply Pin 2: -...

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Pressure transmitter, type MBS 9200 30 mbar 70 mbar 40 mbar 60 mbar 100 mbar 150 mbar 250 mbar Pressure reference Gauge (relative) Output signal 4 – 20 mA Ratiometric 10 - 90% of supply Gasket Gasket, FPM Gasket, NBR Pressure connection DIN 3852-E-G1/2, gasket DIN 3869-21 DIN 3852-E-G1/4, gasket DIN 3869-14 DIN 3852-E-M14 x1.5, gasket DIN 3869-14 Electrical connection No plug (EN175301-803-A) Plug Pg 9 (EN 175301-803-A) Plug Pg 11 (EN 175301-803-A) Cable screened, Polyolefin 2 m Bayonet A1-3.1-Sn Ø31 ISO 151710 Bayonet A2-3.1-AU Ø31 - Grey ISO 15170 Non-standard build-up codes on request....

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Pressure transmitter, type MBS 9200 Certificates, declarations, and approvals The list contains all certificates, declarations, and approvals for this product type. Individual code number may have some or all of these approvals, and certain local approvals may not appear on the list. Some approvals may change over time. You can check the most current status at or contact your local Danfoss representative if you have any questions. Valid approvals Table 8: Certificates and declarations File name Document type Document topic Approval authority Manufacturers Declaration China RoHS...

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Online support Danfoss offers a wide range of support along with our products, including digital product information, software, mobile apps, and expert guidance. See the possibilities below. The Danfoss Product Store The Danfoss Product Store is your one-stop shop for everything product related—no matter where you are in the world or what area of the cooling industry you work in. Get quick access to essential information like product specs, code numbers, technical documentation, certifications, accessories, and more. Start browsing at Find technical documentation Find the...

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