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Data Sheet Pressure transmitter Type AKS 32R and AKS 2050 AKS 32R is a ratiometric pressure transmitter that converts the measured pressure to a linear output signal. The output signal is relative to the supply voltage meaning that the min. pressure output will be 10% of the actual supply voltage and the max. pressure output will be 90% of the actual supply voltage. At a supply voltage of 5 V, the output signal is: • 0.5 V at min pressure range • 4.5 V at max. pressure range The robust design and the ratiometric output signal makes the transmitter suitable for systems together with ratiometric A/D converters within a number of fields: • A/C systems • Refrigeration plant • CO2 plant • Process control • Laboratories Features • Highly developed sensor technology means great regulation accuracy • Selective temperature compensation • Compatible with all refrigerants incl. ammonia and CO2 • Robust construction gives protection against mechanical influences such as shock, vibration, and pressure surge • Polarity protected inlets • Sealed gauge measuring principle (pressure reference = 1013 mbar) • For use in zone 2 explosive atmospheres

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Product specification Technical data Table 1: Performance (EN 60770) Features Accuracy (incl. Linearity, Hysteresis and repeatability) Non-linearity (best fit straight line) Thermal zero point operation Thermal sensitivity operation Response time Burst pressure Power-up time Table 2: Electrical specifications Features Nominal output signal (short-circuit protection) Supply voltage [UB] (polarity protected) Power consumption Sink / source Load [RL] (load connected to ground) Table 3: Environmental conditions Sensor operating temperature range Media temperature range Compensated temperature...

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Table 5: Dimensions and weight Pressure connection 7⁄16 UNF flare female with valve deflator Pulse-snubber, AKS 2050 Figure 1: Pulse-snubber Cavitation, liquid hammer and pressure peaks may occur in liquid filled systems with changes in flow velocity, e.g. fast closing of a valve or pump starts and stops. The problem may occur on the inlet and outlet side, even at rather low operating pressures. Plug connections Table 6: Plug connections Cable Description Black: + Blue: - / common Brown: Signal © Danfoss | Climate Solutions | 2021.02 Description 1: + 2: - / common 3: Signal

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Explosive atmosphere Table 7: Explosive atmospheres EN60079-0; EN60079-15 The products for ATEX Zone 2 are applicable in refrigeration applications employing any flammable refrigerants classified as IIA – please, refer to AKS installation guide. In ATEX Zone 2 applications at low temperatures cable and plug must be protected against impact. Table 8: Flammable refrigerants Features AKS products can be used in end user applications employing the following flammable refrigerants: A3: R290, R600, R600a, R1270 A2L: R32, R444B, R452A/B, R454A/B/C, R455A, R1234zyef IEC/EN 60335-2-89 (commercial...

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1/4-18 NPT EN 837 - G 3/8 A (3) ISO 11926-2⁄3, 7⁄16 - 20 UNF Flare (4) Incl. Plug connections (5) ISO 8434-1, 7/16-20 UNf, Female with depressor (2) Certificates, declarations and approvals The list contains all certificates, declarations, and approvals for this product type. Individual code number may have some or all of these approvals, and certain local approvals may not appear on the list. Some approvals may change over time. You can check the most current status at or contact your local Danfoss representative if you have any questions. Table 11: Certificates, declarations...

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Online support Danfoss offers a wide range of support along with our products, including digital product information, software, mobile apps, and expert guidance. See the possibilities below. The Danfoss Product Store The Danfoss Product Store is your one-stop shop for everything product related—no matter where you are in the world or what area of the cooling industry you work in. Get quick access to essential information like product specs, code numbers, technical documentation, certifications, accessories, and more. Start browsing at Find technical documentation Find the...

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