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Off-highway equipment manufacturers: save energy and maintenance costs, reduce emissions and enhance safety years of expertise in applying hydraulics in mobile and off-highway solutions

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Hydraulic solutions you, your customers and their operators can count on Danfoss Industrial Automation Take a look inside practically any offhighway equipment and you’ll find components from Danfoss Industrial Automation playing a key role in saving fuel costs, reducing emissions and improving man-machine safety. But take another look around you, and you’ll find Danfoss hard at work in many more places. In fact, OEMs around the world count on us not only to enhance performance, but also to deliver bestin-class quality and product life cycle costs. As a global leader in electronic controls...

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Mobile Hydraulic applications - 3

Quality you can rely on Our zero-defect policy is your guarantee. Danfoss Industrial Automation uses the same production processes and quality assurance standards worldwide. All procedures are certified in accordance with ISO/TS 16949:2009, so no matter where we manufacture the products, we follow the same stringent guidelines for what to do and how to do it. The Danfoss culture of quality depends on best-in-class systems, tools and certifications. Above all, it depends on people who care. PRESSURE TRANSMITTERS Read more on page 8 TEMPERATURE SENSORS Read more on page 9 PRESSURE AND...

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Mobile Hydraulic applications - 4

Advantages that add up over the lifetime of your equipment LONGER EQUIPMENT LIFETIME Smarter hydraulic control extends the life of your hardworking mobile equipment. One important example of this is Electronic Load Sensing (ELS). When you mount our MBS 1250 pressure transmitter on the control that detects work port pressure, it sends information to an electronic controller to instantly adjust system pressure. Your system pressure and engine output are thus fine-tuned to deliver exactly according to actual demand. ELS extends the life of hydraulic components and reduces downtime and...

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Mobile Hydraulic applications - 5

IMPROVED SAFETY As everyone who moves heavy equipment around knows, backup alarms that activate when vehicles are reversing are critical for personal safety, especially when rear visibility is limited. REDUCED DOWNTIME AND MAINTENANCE COSTS Mobile machinery operators depend on hydraulic oil filter indicators to let them know when oil filters are clogged and need to be changed. Mobile machinery such as excavators traditionally measure pressure to sense when both levers are pulled back to put the vehicle in reverse. They then activate an electromechanical switch to trigger the audible backup...

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Mobile Hydraulic applications - 6

Intelligent automation wherever performance matters Hydraulic power • • • • • • • ELS pressure Hydraulic pump pressure Oil filter pressure Oil temperature Hydraulic reservoir temperature Auto-idle pressure Compression pressure CVT pressure CVT temperature Transmission pump pressure Transmission pump temperature Engines • Air intake pressure • Coolant pressure • Crank case pressure • Exhaust gas recycling temperature • xhaust manifold pressure E • Fuel pressure • Lube oil pressure • Lube oil t

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Mobile Hydraulic applications - 7

Auxiliary systems • ubrication system pressure L • ater spray fluid control W • mergency shutoff diesel system E fluid control • gricultural sprayer systems fluid A control • ertilizer reservoir pressure F • Cooling fluid control Safety, weighing and monitoring systems • • • • Cylinder pressure Brake pressure C rane weighing pressure R eve

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Mobile Hydraulic applications - 8

Pressure transmitters High-pressure transmitters Compact pressure transmitters Electronic pressure switches • From 0 – 1 bar to 0 – 2200 bar • 4 – 20mA, absolute voltage, ratiometric output • Versions with pulse snubber available • Up to 125°C • Wetted parts made of stainless steel • Wide range of electrical and pressure connections • From 0 – 1 bar to 0 – 600 bar • 4 – 20 mA, absolute voltage output • Versions with pulse snubber available • Versions up to 85°C and 125°C • Wetted parts made of stainless steel • Wide range of electrical and pressure connections • 0 – 7 bar to 0 – 600 bar •...

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Mobile Hydraulic applications - 9

Temperature sensors Compact temperature sensors Standard temperature sensors Temperature range -50 – 300°C Various sensor elements: RTD, NTC, PTC Fixed measuring insert Brass or stainless steel Low response time Temperature range -50 – 200°C Pt 100 or Pt 1000 sensing element Interchangeable measuring insert Gold-plated connectors A wide selection of process and electrical connections The Danfoss range of temperature sensors Temperature sensors with integrated transmitter • • • • • Temperature range -50 – 200°C Pt 1000 sensing element Fixed measuring insert Output signals 4 – 20mA or...

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Mobile Hydraulic applications - 10

Pressure and temperature switches Block pressure switches Electronic pressure switches • 0.2 – 1 bar to 40 – 400 bar • Temperature -40 – 85°C (diaphragm version -10 – 85°C) • Contact load AC 3: 2A, 250V, AC 15: 0.5A, 250V • Plug EN 175301-803-A • Wide range of pressure connections • Versions with pulse snubber available • Can be used with MBV test valves • 0 – 7 bar to 0 – 600 bar • Dual output: switch output and analog output • Single output: switch output • Up to 125°C • Wide range of pressure and electrical connections • No leakages due to fully welded design • Versions with pulse...

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Mobile Hydraulic applications - 11

Solenoid valves Thermostatically operated valves • Differential pressure 1 – 30 bar/ 0.3 – 16 bar • Media temperature -30 – 100°C/ -30 – 140°C • Thread connection G ¼ – G 1/G ½ – G 2 • DN 6 – 22/15 – 50 • Viscosity up to 50cSt/50cSt Differential pressure 0 – 30 bar Media temperature -30 – 120°C Thread connection G 1/8 – G ¼ DN 1.2 – 3.5 Viscosity up to 20 cSt The Danfoss range of solenoid valves AVTA Series Differential pressure 0 – 10 bar Media temperature -25 – 130°C

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