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ENGINEERING TOMORROW Industrial sensors and switches Global supplier of applied expertise countries with dedicated field experts, all focused on your needs and with a desire to build strong partnerships.

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80 years of engineering Across industries and borders Our core technologies are cooling and heating both domestic and commercial buildings, preserving and transporting food, controlling electric motors, automating industrial processes, controlling hydraulics, supporting the production of renewable energy, and countless other Since 1933, Danfoss has been delivering increased comfort and modern convenience through climate and energy solutions. Every day, people and industries throughout the world rely on our technologies. MOBILE HYDRAULICS POWER PLANTS WIND TURBINES

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applications. In short - our expertise is applied everywhere. worldwide market leader with strong local operations and in close collaboration with our customers. Engineering Tomorrow - together. Over the years we have built and maintained our reputation for reliability, excellence and innovation, while consciously acting as responsible global corporation. Today, Danfoss is a COMFORT (HVAC-R) SOLAR ENERGY RESIDENTIAL COMFORT

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Danfoss IA Manufacturing and Engineering Facilities: • Nordborg, Denmark • Newcastle, United Kingdom • Wuqing, China • Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Poland You can find us all over the world: o Industrial Automation Manufacturing and Engineering Facilities • Sales Companies

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Local production, global quality No matter where in the world our products are manufactured they must comply with our strict quality demands. The Danfoss quality concept is an integrated part of the entire organization. Our quality management is based on ISO 9001:2008 and is being developed to become compliant with the TS16949 quality standard for suppliers to the automotive industry. A zero-defect mindset is an integral part of our quality culture and is based on six sigma principles and tools. Danfoss is registered as conforming to the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and RoHS. Our...

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Expertise is valuable. Applied expertise makes a difference. This is the belief that we act on every day. And this is exactly what makes Danfoss a unique business partner. Applied expertise is what enables us to make your challenges our business both literally and figuratively. Recognizing the fact that applied expertise also means being in the right place at the right time, we support this belief through our presence in more than 30 countries spread across the globe. Expertise in a context For us, applied expertise simply means putting our expertise, which we have gained over many decades,...

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manufacturer has resulted in a series of dedicated pressure transmitters based on an innovative piezo-resistive silicon sensor together with an excellent pulse-snubber. These sensors are reliable and accurate - they work flawlessly in applications where rapid changes in flow velocity occur. Therefore, global pump manufacturers turn to Danfoss when excellent performance of their equipment is a must. Maximum uptime for wind turbines Located on top of towers that can extend 80 to 110 meters into the sky, wind turbines are subjected to powerful operating forces. This need for safe, stable...

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Serving a broad, global market within diverse and demanding industries, Industrial Automation is your one-stop partner for industrial control components. Through Danfoss Industrial Automation you gain access to the entire Danfoss pool of technology, with a dedicated focus on pressure and temperature sensors and switches for monitoring and control in a wide range of industries. HYDRAULICS In a world depending on infrastructure, mobile hydraulic equipment is important. Whether used in construction, agriculture or for material handling, mobile hydraulic equipment offers efficiency, economy,...

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MARINE From the handling of sewage water to the treatment of exhaust gas, a modern ship contains most of the applications found on shore, all in a limited space. Danfoss Industrial Automation is a global leader in supplying temperature and pressure controls to equipment placed in and around the engine room: two and four stroke diesel and gas engines, propulsion systems, fuel treatment, and oil separators - where the requirements are high. Danfoss Industrial Automation has all the marine approvals needed to serve the industry. Danfoss' 10 international marine approvals are your guarantee...

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Pressure transmitters Unique specifications and a long life Danfoss pressure transmitters are available with analogue or digital electronic solutions and offer unique specifications in terms of accuracy. Using two sensing technologies, Danfoss is able to cover the versatile application requirements with highly competitive solutions. Both technologies are designed to operate in severe environments. The transmitter design offers long-life stability through sturdy and shock-proof packaging. Industrial switches High accuracy, repeatability and stability Pressure and temperature controls have...

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Temperature sensors Precise and flawless signal Depending on the equipment, different element technologies can be applied, and if required the temperature sensor can be delivered with a transmitter to get an analogue output signal. Special care has been put into the design of the sensor in relation to the reaction time. On top of this, the sensor construction ensures minimum radiation of heat, which results in a measurement very close to the actual temperature of the media. The casing design and sensor material secure unique wearing qualities and a flawless signal. Examples of innovative...

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ENGINEERING TOMORROW Danfoss is a leading global player within the development and production of mechanical and electronic products and controls. Since 1933, our extensive know-how has made modern life easier and we continue to break new ground in our core business areas. Every day, more than 250,000 items are produced at 70 factories in 25 countries. Impressive as these figures are, we are most proud of the way our dedicated employees apply the high quality components in customer solutions, adding value to the end product. Building strong partnerships is of great importance to us, because...

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