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Machine builders: Improve performance, save energy and maintenance costs, enhance safety years of expertise 40 years of experience in industrial hydraulics

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Perfect hydraulic control - for increased productivity, reliability, energy efficiency and safety Custom solutions driven by application experience The machine-building sector is highly versatile, placing a variety of demands on the components used in modern hydraulic applications. If you are looking for high-performance monitoring and control components for industrial hydraulics you will find what you are looking for in the Danfoss product portfolio. Our product program offers a wide range of solutions designed to match your specific requirements no matter the application. Danfoss is known...

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Industrial hydraulic applications - 3

Close cooperation with OEMs and machine-builders in various industries have helped Danfoss create a unique expertise in how pressure and temperature controls improve performance and safety in different industrial applications. We design the components to maximum performance where they matter most. And we let you fine-tune the processes that deliver the best returns. We specialize in components and solutions for a wide range of industrial hydraulic applications, including: • Plastic processing • Presses • Hydraulic power • Temperature control space available in most industrial hydraulic...

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Industrial hydraulic applications - 4

Full control of pressure and temperature - drive efficiency to new heights Plastic Processing The plastic industry is one of the fastest growing industries. Competition is tough and to be at the forefront, equipment and processes have to be top-tuned to reduce costs brought on by e.g. increased energy and material costs. Increasing consumer expectations to product quality and new, innovative materials further fuel the development of next generation plastic processing machines. Presses Hydraulic presses are widely used in almost any industrial production process, ranging from heavy-duty,...

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Industrial hydraulic applications - 5

Enhance the performance of your hydraulic system from power supply to process output Hydraulic Power High system performance and energy efficiency of hydraulic applications depend on the power pack. The introduction of hydraulic servo pumps in combination with frequency converters and pressure sensors has greatly enhanced the performance levels and cut down on energy consumption, the size of the hydraulic tank and the amount of piping. In fact, the energy savings achieved with hybrid servo pump solutions can be up to 70 % compared to traditional fixed pump hydraulic systems, and the oil...

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Industrial hydraulic applications - 6

Pressure transmitters Thinfilm - compact design Piezo Resistive • From 0-7 bar to 0-2200 bar • 4-20mA, Absolute voltage, Ratiometric output • Secondary output for temperature available • Version with pulse snubber available • Version upto 125°C • Wetted parts made of stainless steel • Wide range of electrical and pressure connections • High pressure and good accuracy • Excelent burst pressure ability • MBS 1200 and 1300 series • From 0-1 bar to 0-600 bar • 4-20mA, Absolute voltage, Ratiometric output • Version with pulse snubber available • Version upto 85°C or 125°C • Wetted parts made of...

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Industrial hydraulic applications - 7

Pressure and temperature switches Block pressure switches Electronic pressure switches • 0.2 – 1 bar to 40 – 400 bar • Temperature -40 – 85°C (diaphragm version -10 – 85°C) • Contact load AC 3: 2A, 250 V, AC 15: 0.5A, 250 V • Plug EN 175301-803-A • Wide range of pressure connections • Versions with pulse snubber available • Can be used with MBV test valves • MBC 5000 series 0 – 7 bar to 0 – 600 bar Available with; - Dual output: switch and analog output. - NPN/PNP and NO/NC - Max load @125°C 500mA - Short circuit and overload protected Up to 125°C Wide range of pressure and electrical...

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Industrial hydraulic applications - 8

Danfoss is a leading global player in mechanical and electronic products Since 1933, our extensive know-how has made modern life easier, and we continue to break new ground in our core business areas. We produce more than 250,000 items at 70 factories in 25 countries - every day. Impressive as these figures are, we are most proud of the way our dedicated employees apply the high-quality components in customer solutions, adding value to the end product. Building strong partnerships is of great importance to us, because it is purely by understanding our customers' needs that we can meet the...

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