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Hydronic Balancing and Control The solutions are here The choice is yours ... 1255 products to support your business The extended Hydronic Balancing and Control product range offers a solution for every water based heating or cooling application.

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WELL BALANCED AND CONTROLLED SOLUTIONS Hydronic Balancing & Control If you are dedicated to establish indoor climate solutions that provide optimal air quality, comfortable living and/or work conditions and maximum energy efficiency, then Danfoss Hydronic Balancing & Control is your ideal partner. You already know that the most efficient heating or cooling installations can only be realised by ensuring optimal hydronic balance and perfect temperature control. We have many years of experience and a complete range of products in this area. We supply high quality products for innovative,...

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MANUAL BALANCING VALVES Manual balancing valves provide a static, basic balancing solution for many applications. The valves limit the flow through different parts in heating, cooling and domestic hot water systems. Since manual balancing valves can not react to changing conditions the valves are recommended to be used in constant flow systems. Commissioning MSV-BD and MSV-O Danfoss offers the latest technology in manual balancing. To save costs for often used shut-off valves the MSV-BD and MSV-O valves combine both a balancing and shut-off function. For that purpose the principle design is...

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AUTOMATIC BALANCING VALVES Where manual balancing valves are static in operation, automatic balancing valves provide a dynamic solution for balancing of heating and cooling systems. Under all possible system loads varying from 0 to 100% the automatic balancing valves provide a good balance by controlling the differential pressure. At partial loads the system flow is decreased by the control valves closing, causing a pressure increase and unbalance in the system. Because of the automatic pressure control which reacts instantly a neutral hydronic balance throughout the system is maintained....

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AB-PM Danfoss AB-PM takes automatic balancing to another level. Besides the differential pressure control function, this easy to install balancing valve adds two other functions to automatic balancing: automatic flow limitation and zone control via a mounted TWA-Z thermal actuator. Because of its small size and unique 3 combined functions the AB-PM is a perfect match for especially residential buildings with horizontal loops based heating systems. It will reduce heating costs, improve indoor climate and eliminate noise. AB-PM is the recommended solution where there is a need for zone control...

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PRESSURE INDEPENDENT BALANCING & CONTROL VALVES Pressure Independent Balancing and Control Valves (PIBCV) represent the latest development in balancing and control solutions. Successfully introduced by Danfoss this has become a standard in lots of heating and cooling systems offering the lowest possible ‘Total Cost of Ownership’. Combining the control function, pressure independency and flow limitation all in one valve saves in purchasing individual valves and reduces valuable time. PIBCV are mainly used to control and balance bigger sized systems in public and commercial buildings. AB-QM –...

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ACTUATORS FOR PRESSURE INDEPENDENT BALANCING & CONTROL VALVES For as long as no actuators are used, AB-QM functions as an automatic flow limiter. To take advantage of its unique combined balancing and control features, the AB-QM has to be equipped with an actuator controlled by a room thermostat or Building Management System (BMS). The best results in indoor climate control can be achieved by using the best possible actuators. The faster and more accurate the actuator responds to the control signal, the better the result. Thermal Actuators for AB-QM Thermal actuators provide a cost...

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MEASURING ORIFICES & MEASURING EQUIPMENT Where there is hydronic balancing, there is a need for measuring. To establish an optimized energy efficient heating or cooling system the flows and pressures in a system need to be as designed. For systems balanced with manual balancing valves the commissioning process is fully based on measuring, adapting settings and re-measuring of the balancing valves. For systems with automatic balancing valves measuring is often only required to make a system report or perform random test measuring. Measuring Orifices For big flow pipe systems Danfoss offers...

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HOT WATER AND MIXING VALVES Not only heating and cooling systems should be balanced. Energy savings and safety increases can be achieved by balancing of domestic hot water systems. In these systems the best performance is realized by using temperature operated automatic balancing valves. Thanks to the stable water temperature and constant availability of it, also the end user's comfort increases significantly. MTCV Thermostatic Circulation Valves Danfoss MTCV are Multifunctional Thermostatic Circulation Valves that are used in domestic hot water circulation systems. They provide a thermal...

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ALWAYS A SOLUTION Danfoss has realized projects of all sorts over the entire world. With our local sales companies or agents and we can provide a unique level of experience and knowledge in hydronic balancing solutions. Below you can find a few of the many projects we have realized. International Project References Grand National Theater, Beijing - China Project: Grand National Theater Location: Beijing, China Application: AB-QM including actuators The Grand National Theatre is an enormous 180,000 square meter glass and titanium tear-drop-like bubble structure surrounded by water. Danfoss...

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for hydronic balancing and control solutions across the globe. UMKC Student Union Building - Kansas City, USA Location: Kansas City, USA Project: UMKC Student Union Building Application: AB-QM including actuators The hydronic heating and cooling system in this 110,000 square feet building focuses on energy savings. Danfoss AB-QM pressure independent balancing and control valves were used on all the air-handling unit (AHU’s) and Variable Air Volume (VAV) boxes throughout the facility. Prime Tower - Zurich, Switzerland Project: Prime Tower Location: Zurich, Switzerland Application: AB-QM...

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