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ENGINEERING TOMORROW Monitor a wide variety of refrigerants with our innovative Gas Detectors The Danfoss Gas Sensor is a state-of-the art fixed gas detector which can detect a wide range of different gases. The sensors can be used on a stand-alone basis and integrated into your Refrigeration Control System or Building Management Systems. Easily programmed to monitor 24/7 Ability to set up multiple zones and alarms levels.

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Gas Detectors Danfoss Gas Detectors are a range of products designed to meet all industrial and commercial refrigeration and air conditioning application requirements. Typical refrigerant gas applications include Halocarbons - HFCs, HCFCs, CFCs, Carbon Dioxide, and Hydrocarbons. DGS is available in IP41 and IP66 versions. PGM-IR Portable Gas Monitor Portable Gas Monitors The PGM-IR is designed to detect, measure, and display the concentration of refrigerant gas in the area being monitored. To ensure accurate gas measurements, the monitor self-zeros every four minutes using an external...

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Gas Sensor DGS helps to comply to environmental F-Gas Regulations and Health & Safety requirements, on new or existing systems in supermarkets, process refrigeration plants, refrigerated storage/ warehousing, special applications areas/zones. Functions: • Utilizing either Semi Conductor (SC) or Infrared (IR) technologies (only available for CO2 versions). • DGS gives quick and immediate response in detecting a wide range of different gases typically applied in Refrigeration & Air Conditioning systems. DGS sensors can be used stand-alone or with integrated systems. Danfoss ADAP-Kool®...

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One family for your various needs... Only available for HGM-400 • Optional models: LCD display, IP65 enclosure, EExd (Explosion Protected) • Two digital outputs low level and high level alarm • Manual or automatic alarm reset optional • Detects, measures, and displays the level of refrigerant gas in the area being monitored • Automatically logs up to 200 gas readings that can be printed/plotted for analysis • Eliminates false alarms with use of non-dispersive IR source and sample draw system • Extensive self diagnostics, providing both visual and audible indications when a fault occurs •...

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