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ENGINEERING TOMORROW Data Sheet For more than 40 years, Danfoss has been developing state-of-the-art components and systems for mobile machinery used in off-highway operations around the world. We have become a preferred supplier by offering the best of what really matters: The hardware inside your vehicle application. H1 - our new generation of servo-controlled hydrostatic pumps and bent axis variable motors is no exception. The H1 product is built around an advanced control and available in a wide range of displacements. It is designed for quality and reliability and offers expanded functionality, greater total efficiency, and easy installation. All H1 control and sensor options are PLUS+1® Compliant. PLUS+1® allows you to rapidly develop and customize electronic machine control. It opens up the future by combining machine controls and diagnostics in an integrated operating network. Features Designed for quality and reliability • Proven and optimized 9 piston rotating group • Single piece housing • Electric components with IP67 & IP69K rating Installation and packaging benefits • Optimized for shortest length • Standardized connector interface • Integrated loop flushing device • Radial or axial high pressure ports Wide range of controls • Electric Two-position Control • Electric Proportional Control • Hydraulic Two-position Control • Hydraulic Proportional Control • Pressure Compensator Override • Proportional Pressure Compensator Override • Brake Pressure Defeat option • Common controls across the entire motor family • PLUS+1® Compliant control and sensor options Expanded functionality • Zero degree capability together with a high performance 32 degree maximum angle • Enhanced control functions with proportional controls de-energized at minimum or maximum displacement • Optional integrated speed sensor with - Dual redundant speed sensing - Direction indication - Temperature sensing - Wire fault detection Greater total efficiency Comprehensive technical literature online • Minimized losses at powersolutions.danfoss.com • Improved at high flow conditions -

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H1 060 Bent Axis Variable Motor - 2

Technical specifications Weight H1B with Electric Proportional Control (De-energized = max. displacement) Case pressure System pressure Min. displacement (6°) Max. output speed Output speed rated Dimensions SAE ISO 3019/1 with Electric proportional control (de-energized = max. displacement) L Speed sensor connector: Deutsch DTM04-6P min. angle stop adjustment 276 [10.87] System pressure “A”+“B” Gauge port ”MA”+ “MB” Port ISO 11926-1 – 9/16 -18 ∅25.0 [0.984] max. clearance dia f Gauge port ”M4” Servo pressure supply Port ISO 11926-1 – 9/16 -18 ∅25.0 [0.984] max. clearance dia f Solenoid...

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