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Electrical heating | Product Catalogue Product Catalogue Global October 2017

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Experience the luxury of electrical heating designed by Danfoss Danfoss - Intelligent solutions with lasting effect Danfoss provides solutions for electrical heating with a dedicated focus on advanced and user friendly systems, delivering all products dedicated to this for both indoor and outdoor. These solutions are covered by a wide range of products e.g. heating cables, heating mats, self-limiting cables, contemporary thermostats and accessories. Danfoss’s heating solutions come from a long history covering 75 years of experience resulting in powerful Danish design products build with...

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References Floor Heating Underfloor heating provides the most comfortable indoor climate in all rooms. The heat distributed by underfloor cables or mats is more evenly than with heating methods relying on radiators or airborne systems. Danfoss intelligent solutions are invisible and saves space by eliminating the need for radiators, pipes and other installations. Nowadays electrical floor heating solutions with intelligent thermostats provided by Danfoss are not only comfortable but also energy efficient and environmentally friendly. You have to consider what kind of heating method is...

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ENGINEERING TOMORROW Floor heating, total heating & supplementary heating Total heating meaning the only source of heating and comfort heating meaning additonal comfort heating. Electrical floor heating is very well suited for advanced timer-controls, so that you only heat up the room when you are actually at home, this is sound economy and good for environment. Electrical heating • ©Danfoss

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References Ice & snow melting Many homeowners experience the challenges of ice and snow on the roof, in gutters, downpipes and on the driveway. Electric heating cables can minimize these problems. Danfoss’s ice and snow melting system is designed to provide comfort and safety for people, vehicles, and buildings. Ground applications Danfoss outdoor heating solutions clean snow and ice from your driveway and provide safe walking and driving. The most common Danfoss ice and snow melting applications on ground are car parks, driveways, pavements, outdoor steps, loading platforms, and bridges....

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Ice & snow melting, grounds, roofs & gutters and antennas & wires When heating cables are installed to melt snow or slippery ice from ground areas, safety and cost savings go hand in hand. These systems can be used at home in pavements, driveways and walkways or in commercial car parks, ramps, steps and areas of drainage. It can even be used to melt snow and ice from mastic asphalt surfaces. VKEXD102 Electrical heating • ©Danfoss 7

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References Pipe tracing Danfoss’s pipe tracing systems may be used for two main purposes: 1. Frost protection systems are installed where there is a need to prevent water and sanitary pipes from freezing and becoming ice-damaged. 2. Temperature maintenance systems ensure that hot water or fluid pipes maintain the required temperature. Danfoss’s pipe tracing systems may be used on the inside and outside of pipes, for indoor and outdoor pipe networks as well as for pipes above and below the ground. The advantages of the pipe tracing systems are: • Ice-free pipes • Constant flow in pipes •...

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Pipe tracing, frost protection and temperature maintenance During the winter, problems with frost in fresh water pipes, waste water pipes, cooling water pipes, supply water pipes and sprinkler systems can be avoided by heating the pipes internally or externally. The Danfoss systems provide either a constant wattage system or a self-limiting system. VKEXD102 Electrical heating • ©Danfoss

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References Fields Danfoss electrical heating is the best solution for sports fields such as stadiums or golf-links but also for seed beds. Heating of seed beds can be used in greenhouses, cutting beds, seed beds and reproduction boxes. Sport fields heating With Danfoss electric heating solutions installed in football fields or golf courses the soil can be heated and the growth of grass can start in the early spring. The area will then be ready up to two months earlier than usual. Furthermore, the season can be prolonged in autumn when the period until the grass stops growing can be extended...

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Fields, football fields and seed beds With Danfoss heating cables or heating mats in the ground you can heat the field and start the growing season early in the spring. The field can be ready for use up to two months earlier than usual. In this way the season can also be prolonged well into the autumn. Danfoss also has excellent solutions for fields with artificial grass. VKEXD102 Electrical heating • ©Danfoss 11

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References Cold stores Heating up the floor construction in a cold store is a necessity in order to protect the building from the floor in cold stores or ice stadiums, etc. In cold stores where the temperature is constantly between -20 and -30°C, coldness will still be given off to the surroundings even though the floor is well insulated. Condensation protection of floors In doorways between cold stores and heated rooms condensed water may form on the floor due to the constant shifts between cold and warm air caused by the opening and closing of doors. This can result in dangerous ice...

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Concrete hardening In connection with casting processes during winter time, it can often be difficult to ensure the correct strength of the concrete as well as to achieve a uniform result of the surface, when temperatures fall below the freezing point. To avoid unnecessary and expensive delays of the building activities it often can be necessary to add a little extra heat, to keep up the correct temperature to sustain the hardening process. This problem may in many cases be solved, by embedding heating cables in the concrete construction attached directly to the reinforcement mesh and...

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Other heating elements 14 Electrical heating • ©Danfoss VKEXD102

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