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ENGINEERING TOMORROW Danfoss Drives Fieldbus Solutions Fast installation - easy integration Dedicated Danfoss fieldbus hardware and software solutions save time and provide efficient control and monitoring. fieldbus technologies supported by Danfoss AC drives

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Freedom to communicate Real time information is becoming increasingly important in industrial automation and control systems as we progress further into Industry 4.0. Immediate access to data increases transparency in production facilities, while making it possible to optimize system performance, collect and analyze system data and provide remote support around the clock from anywhere in the world. Regardless of your application or your preferred communication protocol, both VLT® and VACON® drives have an extremely wide variety of communication protocols to select from. In this way you can...

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Traditional wiring. No fieldbus. In this system configuration, connections between the drive and PLC require one wire for each input that needs to be controlled or monitored. The advantage of such a system is that the individual components themselves are relatively inexpensive. This, however, comes at a price, as such systems are often expensive to install and extend. Each additional device or signal requires new wiring, can require additional PLC hardware, and always requires additional PLC programming and verification. For owners this means higher capital costs and restricted flexibility....

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Increase productivity Fieldbus communication reduces capital costs in production plants. In addition to the initial savings achieved through the significant reduction in wiring and control boxes, fieldbus networks are easier to maintain, while providing improved systems performance. Fieldbus configuration files for easy PLC integration Integrating a drive into an existing bus system can be time consuming and complicated. To make this process easy and more efficient, Danfoss Drives offers fieldbus drivers and PLC examples, which can be downloaded for free from the Danfoss Drives website....

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□ = optional, ■ = integrated, o = optional, requires additional option PROFINET PROFINET uniquely combines the highest performance with the highest degree of openness. The option is designed so that many of the features from the PROFIBUS can be reused, minimizing user effort to migrate PROFINET and securing the investment in a PLC program. ■ Same PPO types as PROFIBUS for easy migration to PROFINET ■ Support of MRP ■ Support of DP-V1 Diagnostic allows easy, fast and standardized handling of warning and fault information into the PLC, improving bandwidth in the system ■ Implementation in...

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BACnet/IP The BACnet/IP option optimizes the use of VLT® HVAC Drive together with building management systems (BMS) using the BACnet/IP protocol or running BACnet on Ethernet. BACnet/IP makes it easy to control or to monitor points required in typical HVAC applications, reducing overall cost of ownership. Other features: ■ COV, Change Of Value ■ Read/WritePropertyMultiple ■ Alarm/Warning notifications ■ PID Loop object ■ Segmented data transfer ■ Trend Objects ■ Schedule Objects VLT* BACnet/IP MCA 125 Order code 134B1586 coated, dual-port VACON* BACnet/IP Order code VACON® 100: included,...

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Modbus RTU Modbus RTU gives the possibility to easily upgrade the hardware structure of an industrial network, without the need for large changes in the software. A device can also communicate with several Modbus nodes at once, even if they are connected with different interface types, without the need to use a different protocol for every connection. ■ Included as standard in VLT® AC Drives ■ Included as standard in VACON® 20 family AC Drives ■ Included as standard in VACON® 100 family AC drives ■ Included as standard in VACON® 3000 Medium Voltage AC drives VACON® VACON® NXP: Slots D,...

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Engineering and setup for VLT® and VACON® VLT® Motion Control Tool MCT 10 VLT® drives can all be configured and monitored with VLT® MCT 10. This provides plant managers with a comprehensive overview over the system at any point in time, adding a new level of flexibility in configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting. MCT 10 is a Windows based engineering tool with a clearly structured interface that provides an instant overview of all the drives in a system of any size. Parameter configuration is possible both online on a connected drive and offline in the tool itself, and the software...

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Easy communication Besides a single point to point connections, both VLT® MCT 10 and VACON® Live are able to connect to several drives in a single serial network, such as through existing PROFIBUS networks. Additionally, connections through Ethernet based technologies allow for simultaneous connection to all of the drives connected on the host network. VLT® Motion Control Tool MCT 10 supports: ■ VLT® PROFIBUS DP-V1 MCA 101 ■ VLT® PROFIBUS Converter MCA 114 ■ VLT® PROFINET MCA 120 ■ VLT® EtherNet/IP MCA 121 ■ VLT® Modbus TCP MCA 122 ■ VLT® POWERLINK MCA 123 ■ FC RS485 Protocol ■ USB port on...

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ENGINEERING TOMORROW A better tomorrow is driven by drives Danfoss Drives is a world leader in variable speed control of electric motors. We offer you unparalleled competitive edge through quality, application-optimized products and a comprehensive range of product lifecycle services. You can rely on us to share your goals. Striving for the best possible performance in your applications is our focus. We achieve this by providing the innovative products and application know-how required to optimize efficiency, enhance usability, and reduce complexity. From supplying individual...

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