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Fluid control, pressure and temperature monitoring and control Core Industrial Products for Distributors and Wholesalers Easy selection of future proof products.

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Selection Made Easy Core Industrial Products With only a few clicks, Danfoss product selectors can help you to find the product you need. Find information about how to use, maintain and troubleshoot our products See our catalogue with standard core industrial products for wholesalers and distributors. Product Catalogue Danfoss Learning See our complete product portfolio in the product catalogue. Danfoss Learning is your online access point to knowledge. Find data sheets and available products here.

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Core Products Catalogue - 3

contents Fluid controls Solenoid valves. Thermostatic valves. Angle seat valves Pressure transmitters Pages 72-105 Temperature sensors Pages 106-121 Pressure switches. Thermostats

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Core Products Catalogue - 6

Danfoss Industrial Automation core products Fluid controls Solenoid valves: Direct, servo, assisted lift and proportional operated valves for water, air, oil and steam application. Differential pressure from 0 to 40 bar and connections from G 1/8 to G 2” flange. Thermostatic valves for cooling applications and solar systems. Regulation ranges from 0 to 90 °C and connections from G 3/8 to G 1” flange. Angle seat valves for demanding industrial applications. Differential pressure from 0 to 16 bar and connections from G 3/8 to G 2”. Direct operated valve for closed and drain systems Assisted...

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Core Products Catalogue - 7

Temperature sensors Temperature transmitters for industrial and marine applications with measuring range from -50 to 800 °C. Sensor type Pt100, Pt1000, PTC, NTC, integrated transmitter etc in different designs for example DIN 43650, DIN B, cabel etc. Versions with marine and ATEX approvals. Temperature transmitter in a cable version Flexible temperature transmitter with different sensing elements and electrical connections Temperature transmitter equipped with a DIN 43650 for industrial applications Temperature transmitter equipped with a DIN B (B-head) for industrial and marine...

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Core Products Catalogue - 8

Fluid control With Danfoss valves you gain high quality, balanced with cost efficiency, making them the first choice in a many industrial applications. Our valves are virtually maintenance free and designed to provide reliable service, year after year. Three ways of efficiently controlling fluids: Solenoid valves are an easy way to control and regulate fluids and gasses. Our programme consists of direct-operated, servooperated and assisted lift versions. Solenoid valves are the right choice when you have media with limited dirt content and small to high flow volume. Our solenoid valve...

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Core Products Catalogue - 9

Heating systems An EV250B solenoid valve, a great all-round valve, is the preferred choice for many manufacturers in applications with low differential pressures, such as heating systems. Its design not only allows for a wide pressure range, it also reduces noise and increases the lifetime of the system though water hammer dampening. Other applications • Water booster pumps Membrane filtration units Fire-fighting pumping stations and equipment Biomass boilers Irrigation system Ultra and high purity water Catering water Desalination of saline water Water leak protection Dentist equipment...

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Core Products Catalogue - 10

Solenoid valves in this catalogue Water Air and neutral gasses Oil Steam Dirty media Long lifetime Soft closing (Low waterhammer) System suitability High pressure Special features WRAS, VA Valve body Brass, DZR Brass or stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel Seal material Cast iron Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel * Only EPDM versions in Normally Closed (NC) valves are WRAS approved. GL = Germanisher Lloyd. WRAS = Water Reg

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Core Products Catalogue - 11

Isolating diaphragm Manual override option Manual override option Options: Manual override position indicator Brass or stainless steel Brass or stainless steel Brass or stainless steel Brass or stainless steel Gun metal or stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel Brass or stainless steel Stainless steel

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Core Products Catalogue - 12

Media list for Danfoss Temperature/ Concentration Brine (Potassium formate; without oxygen, closed systems) Citric acid De-ionized water Fresh Water Glycol Oxygen (all materials should be degreased before use) Ozone Propane Salt water (sea water) Water electrical conduction < 20 μ-siemens Water electrical conduction > 500 μ-siemens Water electrical conduction between 20 and 500 μ

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Core Products Catalogue - 13

Industrial Valves Body material Seal material Stainless Steel AISI 316 / EN 1.44xx Stainless Steel AISI 430 / EN 1.41xx armature/spring Cast Iron

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Core Products Catalogue - 14

Use the icons to find the right valve Use the icons to help select the right solenoid valve for your application. Displayed on the top right corner of the following pages, the icons symbolize values and applications for each solenoid valve type. Application: Select the right valve based on the differential pressure of the system. Closed or drain systems In a closed-circuit system, there is not significant pressure difference between the inlet and outlet. For example, central heating systems are closed-circuit systems – as are tank systems where the drain is located at a low level in the...

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Core Products Catalogue - 15

Selection Made Easv Need help selecting the right component for your application? With only a few clicks, Danfoss product selectors can help you find the right product for, standard applications. Developed to help wholesalers, retailers, installers and endusers pinpoint their solenoid valve needs, the web-based tool makes product selection quick and easy. All it takes is an internet connection to access the solenoid valve selector tool from your desk or laptop, tablet or smartphone. To discover just how easy the product selectors are to use, please visit: To visit by mobile, scan the QR...

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Core Products Catalogue - 16

The EV250B for low and unspecified pressure conditions Designed for closed circuits, the EV250B 2/2-way assisted-lift solenoid valve range damps water hammer at low differential pressure and moderate flow rates. 3 For aggressive low-pressure steam Made from dezincification resistant brass (DZR), the EV250B valve body is suitable for aggressive technical water and steam. 1 Clip-on coil systems Suitable for clip-on coil systems, the EV250B ensures faultless mounting so that both assembly and dismantling is simple and safe. And when needed, a hermetic seal against moisture penetration gives a...

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