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Gasketed plate heat exchangers Next-generation heat transfer solutions Customized to match your requirements Featuring the latest in plate and pattern technology, optimized for your business 100% Customized solutions that provide reliable, unmatched heat transfer

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Customized solutions that match your requirements Take part in a brighter tomorrow with SONDEX® heat transfer solutions. Our next-generation plate heat exchangers meet your individual requirements for energy efficiency and ultra-high performance. We configure our gasketed, single-pass plate heat exchangers to perfectly match your duty. Regardless of application, our second-to-none plate portfolio ensures that we can deliver a powerful solution that exceeds the performance of anything else on the market. By upgrading to SONDEX® you will receive a service-friendly, easy-to-install...

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Fishbone plate highlights Hanging system SONDEX® plates feature a reinforced hanging system. The hanging system helps the plates withstand the powerful tightening force, and prevents misalignment and corner collapses. Numerous pressing depths. This makes SONDEX® plates a solid investment, as the lifetime of the plates is increased and service duration is reduced. Asymmetric patterns available. Distribution area The distribution area on SONDEX® plates is designed to prevent stagnant zones, and ensures an even distribution of the media across the entire plate. Furthermore, the pressure drop...

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Complete portfolio of heat exchangers for your applications - 4

Micro Plate™ highlights Individually customized As with all our solutions, we create heat exchangers that are individually customized to meet your requirements. By varying the number, size, and placement of dimples, Micro Plates™ can be adapted for optimal heat transfer and minimal pressure drop – so you decide what is best for your district heating and cooling applications. Adaptable plate design. Compact size. Even flow By allowing water to flow more evenly, the Micro Plates™ make optimal use of their surface area. Between the fastest and slowest flowing areas, the difference is only x3,...

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Complete portfolio of heat exchangers for your applications - 5

Free Flow plate highlights Spacious channels The SONDEX® Free Flow pattern ensures an unimpeded flow due to the deep channels, and limited contact points between the plates. Very few contact points. With only line-contact, the media has ample room to flow inside the plate channels, benefiting greatly from the increased level of turbulence, compared to tubular heat exchangers. Very deep pressing depths. Asymmetric patterns available. Contact-free inlets The design of the SONDEX® Free Flow inlets maintains the sturdy and robust construction of the traditional plate design, while having no...

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Complete portfolio of heat exchangers for your applications - 6

Free Flow plate heat When your media requires gentle treatment and sizable plate channels, SONDEX® sets the new standard for improved performance and reliability. What does that mean for you? Experience the benefit of maximum uptime and efficiency with SONDEX® Free Flow plate heat exchangers. Extended production time, and loss of product on account of unscheduled maintenance or cleaning, is an undesirable consequence of operating with hard-to-handle media. Our engineers have designed the SONDEX® Free Flow solutions to reliably deliver the highest performance and gentle media treatment,...

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Complete portfolio of heat exchangers for your applications - 7

When your evaporation duties involve temperature sensitive or delicate media, SONDEX® is dedicated to ensure the highest product quality with our specially designed evaporator plates. What does that mean for you? The SONDEX® rising film plate evaporator gently treats the media, even if it is highly viscous, leading to improved concentrate quality. Experience first hand the benefit of using an evaporator with semi-welded plate cassettes instead of a tubular heat exchanger. Gain maximum efficiency with a plate pattern that creates the optimal turbulent flow, ensuring the best possible heat...

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Complete portfolio of heat exchangers for your applications - 8

Traditional Fishbone plates Micro Plate™ plates Free Flow plates SONDEX® and Danfoss gasketed heat exchanger portfolio DN25 Semi-welded Fishbone plates Evaporator and condenser plates With our extensive plate portfolio, we are confident that we can provide you with an optimal solution for your business and applications. Design pressure: PN 10, 16, 25 bar. Min. working temperature: -20°C (depending on gasket material selected). Frame (head and follower) materials: Mild steel, painted in RAL 5010. Other colors are available upon request. Gasket materials: NBR, EPDM and Viton. Other materials...

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Complete portfolio of heat exchangers for your applications - 9

ENGINEERING TOMORROW Customized solutions We have many years of experience designing high-efficiency gasketed plate heat exchangers for all applications across the entire world. We customize our plate heat exchangers according to your specifications, and we will provide you with energy-optimized solutions for your applications that yield a considerable return of investment in the long run. SONDEX® and Danfoss join forces The merger of SONDEX® and Danfoss sees the emergence of a global leader in heat transfer solutions. By joining forces, we are able to offer you a broader, even more...

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