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Safety Light Curtain - 1

(St DADISICKMSAFETY LIGHT CURTAIN Space-saving and Robust Slim: Vehicle Separator

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Safety Light Curtain - 2

Company profile Dongguan Dadi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of safety light curtains and infrared sensors. We are one of the first companies to enter the national optoelectronic high-tech industry. Since its establishment in 2006, we have had more than 12 years of production experience. We are committed to producing equipment that protects the safety of machine operators. Providing quality products and professional services for well-known enterprises and customers in the industry. We can accept OEM. Our product is a Chinese-made sensor that can replace...

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Safety Light Curtain - 4

SAFETY LIGHT CURTAIN APPLICATION AREA The working principle of the vehicle separation light curtain by linear array infrared transmitter and receiver ro realize synchronous scanning of the vehicle, and optical singnals are converted to electrical signals, so as to realize the comprehensive detection of vehicle data. Compared with other product, QSM series vehicle separetion light curtain detection technology maturity and strong anti-interference and convenient installation. It can outputting more data information and detection all kind of vehicle. Infrared scanning system is mainly used in...

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Safety Light Curtain - 5

Optical axis spacing 10 mm(k)

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Safety Light Curtain - 6

Optical axis spacing 20 mmlk)

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Safety Light Curtain - 7

Optical axis spacing 40 mm(k)

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Safety Light Curtain - 8

Optical axis spacing 80 mm(k)

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Safety Light Curtain - 9

APPLICATION AREA working principle Vehicle separation light curtain works through the linear arrangement of infrared light to send out to receive the synchronous scanning of vehicles and optical signals into electrical signals in order to achieve a comprehensive detection of vehicle data, compared with other detection techniques, Infrared vehicle detector technology is mature, easy to install, high-speed response, strong anti-interference, can output a wealth of vehicle data and information, can reliably detect a variety of special vehicles. Infrared vehicle scanning system is mainly used...

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