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Installation bracket Code: S: horizontal installation C: vertical installation F: shield installation Angular rate: 3:0.33° 5:0.5° Measurement error: 2: high precision+2cm 5: Standard +5cm Output mode: A: obstacle avoidance type, NPN output B: obstacle avoidance type, PNP output C: measurement type, Ethernet output Scanning angle: 27:270° 20: radius 20m@70%reflectivity (white object), radius 8m@10% reflectivity (black object) Detecti°n distance 10: radius 10m@70% reflectivity (white object), radius 4m@10% reflectivity (black object) 06: radius 6m@70% reflectivity (white object), radius 2m@10% reflectivity (black object) LD series laser radar

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LASER RAY BAR TECHNICAL PARAMETER Model External protection level insulation resistance Electrical strength weight Dimensions (L x W x H) electrostatic Electromagnetic discharge compatibility Fast pulse group (EMC) Electro magnetic radiation immunity Surge immunity To at tack Single impact Vibration Frequency norm Range humidity Working temperature range Storage temperature range Environmental illumina

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