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LiDAR Scanner Typical Applications Avoiding obstacles and collision avoidance Work Vehicle Collision Avoidance Operational danger zone dynamic protection DADISICK Adding Value… Robot navigation Safety precaution Service Robot Free Navigation Valuable assets stereoscopic care and video postioning Inspection Robot • Multi-sensor fusion algorithm • Positioning error is less than 10cm Thank you for your interest in LiDAR Scanner! For other DADISICK product lines and custom-design services... Scanning degree DADISICK Adding Value… • Inductive Proximity Sensors • Photoelectric Sensors • Sensors Cables Dongguan DADI Electronic Technology Co. Ltd Factory Add: Floor 3, no.7, sanjiang industrial zone, hengli town, dongguan city;523460 China Tel: +86-769-81108586 Fax: +86-769-81177455 • Adapt to a variety of environments • Headi

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Device Interface Power Interface Light source Technical Performance Electrical / Mechanical Parameters Measurement error • System error (typical) • Statistical error (1 a ) Operating voltage Indicators and Operation Buttons *: Long press (&6s): Restart the device Measuring coordinate system/scan range/range 90° □ 20 meters maximum range | 10% Reflectance range 15 meters

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