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LD TYPE User Manual

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LD TYPE Users Manual

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Document Description dadisick® Important note Before operating the LD TYPE, please read this manual carefully to familiarize yourself with the features and functions of the LD TYPE. This manual does not cover the use of other equipment and equipment in the installation and use of the LD TYPE. If you need this information, please read the documentation for such equipment. This manual is intended to provide technicians with information on the installation, electrical connections, equipment configuration, and maintenance of the LD TYPE. Please read the sections of this manual in order. The...

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Built-in application Regional monitoring Shell Protection Class IP65 (GB 4208-2008) Working temperature range -25°C~+50°C Storage temperature range -30°C~+70°C Ambient illumination range <70,000lux Important note For complete technical information, please read "10 Technical Specifications." Please use the "LiDAR Diagnostic and Configuration Software (FILPS)" to diagnose and configure the LD TYPE. How to use FILPS Please read the "LiDAR Diagnostic and Configuration Software (FILPS) User's Manual". 1.3 Pattern symbol description This manual uses the following pattern symbols to...

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Document Description Meaning: Potentially harmful conditions, if not prevented, may result in equipment damage. Important note Meaning: Helpful advice and tips for efficient and smooth use of the device. Main point Meaning: Information about important features of the device. Meaning: Technical background knowledge. Meaning: Can provide more information related documents. Related Reading Meaning: You need to use the FILPS software to complete the equipment inspection and configuration. LiDAR Product Guide: Users can get Dadisick LiDAR product's contrast information, help users complete product...

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Basic operation and precaution 2. Basic operation and precautions This chapter explains the basic operations and precautions involving personal safety and equipment safety. Please read it carefully before using the LD TYPE. 2.1 Correct method of use LD TYPE is an optical sensor for non-contact distance measurement. It can be used alone, or it can be used on the network. It is mainly used to accurately measure the surrounding environment and target contour, and it can also be used to build safety precautions. Security protection, positioning and navigation applications. The LD TYPE can only...

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Basic operation and precaution 2.5 Laser radiation instructions LD TYPE is measured with an infrared laser with a wavelength of 905 nm. The laser beam is invisible to the naked eye. LD TYPE meets the requirements of a class of laser safety levels as specified in GB 7247.1-2012. Under normal conditions of use, it is harmless to the human eye and the skin. However, incorrect use of the LD TYPE may bring Cautious operation security risks. The matters are as follows:  Do not open the cover of the LD TYPE. The powered LD TYPE will not stop laser firing when the cover is Do not look directly into...

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Basic operation and precaution Figure 2. 6 Power Outlet requirements of LD TYPE for power supply. The user shall comply with local regulations and perform necessary Important note protection of the power supply cable of LD TYPE to avoid short circuit or overload of the power supply. In addition, an emergency circuit breaker shall be installed on the power supply cable for emergency use. Cut off the power supply quickly. Shutdown method: Turn off the power, or unplug the power cable from the power outlet. Power on method: Connect the power cable of the power outlet and turn on the power...

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Product description DADISICK 3.1 Deliveries LD TYPE'S product deliverables are shown in Table 3.1 product deliverables list. Table 3. 1 Product deliverables list Side-mounted/sitting composite bracket piece Power cable piece Standard RJ45 cable Network cable crystal head waterproof jacket LD TYPE-WJ Hexagonal M4*8 screws, Gasket 3.2 Product characteristics Table 3. 2 Product characteristics Working • Supply voltage range: 9V~28V DC. environment • Low power consumption: 5W. LD TYPE Users Manual

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Product description DADISICK Product description DADISICK

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Product description message) output area;  Guided network cameras (IPC) for video location and tracking of alarm locations and alarm targets via Ethernet and ONVIF protocols; Support without PC configuration. Anti-sunlight, anti-dirty, with rain and fog penetration ability (optional); Self-checking capability of equipment failure, including transparent cover, dirty cover, temperature over-standard; Output device self-test information through indicators and TCP packets. Figure 3.1 Measuring Coordinate System/Scan Range/Range 3.3 Operational principle 3.3.1 Distance measurement The basic...

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Product description LD TYPE has multiple echo analysis capabilities. In the rain and fog and soot working environment, atmospheric impurities will also reflect the distance measuring laser pulse, forming a reflected echo pulse, and together with the reflected echo pulse of the measured target, reach the photoelectric receiving system. The LD TYPE analyzes all received reflected echo pulses, rejects interfering pulses, and outputs true measured target distance data, as shown in Figure 3.3 Reflected Echo Filter. Figure 3. 1 Reflected Echo Filter 3.3.2 Two-dimensional scanning LD TYPE passes a...

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Product description Figure 3.4 mechanism measuring Figure 3.5 two-dimensional cross section scanning 3.3.3 Scene measurement and regional monitoring By analyzing and processing the distance data obtained from two-dimensional scanning, the application system can measure and monitor the scene, detect and locate various targets in the scene, measure its appearance, and implement scene analysis through intelligent algorithms. The target is subject to spatio-temporal domain tracking, type identification, and behavior analysis. Finally, the analysis results are output according to application...

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